song: man on fire by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes


last weekend we took the kids on a much over-due camping trip. cedar has talked about camping for as long as i can remember & honestly, he & milo had become way too obsessed with tv (my fault cause i let them keep watching it) & i decided they needed a technology break asap. so with that, we loaded up the truck & headed out to torrey, utah & it was just what our family needed.

i had been to torrey once before but just stopped through, so camping there was pretty fun. i love the tiny town charm it has. we got there in the afternoon, set up camp & went out exploring what the tiny town had to offer us. we had promised cedar to make hot dogs & s'mores, but i was really feeling pizza so we stopped at a local pizza spot & ate dinner there while the kids played outside & then went back for our s'mores & cedars hotdog he wanted so badly (even though he already ate pizza).

we stayed up late making s'mores, telling camping stories & then wrestling the kids to sleep. when cedar was a baby we took him camping all the time & he was really great at it, still is! milo on the other hand is a whole different story. that kid is wild in all elements of his life. we tried him out first just in a sleeping bag & that wasn't working, so then we set up the mini crib we used to use for cedar when we camped & that definitely didn't work. we put him in the crib & cedar in his sleeping bag & left the tent to get them to go to sleep & milo just cried & cried while cedar sweetly tried singing him songs to make him happy. i think my heart would have literally melted if i wasn't so flustered with all of milos crying. after about 10 minutes of that nonsense austin & i threw the towel in & got in the tent with them & i held milo while he slooooooooowly fell asleep on my belly & cedars head somehow ended up on my legs. once milo was a sleep i was able to slide him into his crib & get a couple semi-decent hours of sleep in before he woke up crying because he was cold. the kid will not sleep with a blanket on him, so he kept waking up cold & i'd put the blanket on him & he'd be happy then all of a sudden it would be off. the boy is wild. eventually i just pulled him back with us where cedar had squeezed his way between austin & i on the air mattress that completely deflated during the night. sleep was not out strong point on this trip, that is for sure.

but the awake parts were worth it.

the next day we woke up, made pancakes, packed up camp & took a little drive around the area while we waited for winds to die down & temperatures to rise. once it was a little warmer we went into capitol reef national park. we stopped by the visitors center & decided to hike to the natural bridge. i was really proud of all the boys on the hike, aus carried milo in the pack which is no easy feat since he is the heaviest 2 year old, milo was happy as a clam the entire way & cedar walked the entire 2.6 miles. it was really impressive! i learned that as long as i kept asking him dinosaur questions he wouldn't think about how far we had gone or how tired he was, that & singing queen songs with him kept him going.

after the hike we had a picnic lunch & the kids ran around collecting more dirt. we also went to the gifford homestead for homemade pie & to hang with the horses. it was really so fun, the boys loved the whole experience.


 i have been a long time fan of warby parker. i love that you can order & try on glasses at home *for free* before committing. how awesome is that? i've done their at-home try on before for their glasses but never for their sunglasses until now. they recently launched their quintessential sunglass line which is so rad. the frames are total classics, there were so many that i wanted to try that it was hard to narrow it down just to 5.

i had such a fun time trying out all of the different glasses that i ordered. i tried to order different glasses than what i normally would go for cause with 5 options, why not? it's fun to try them out & actually wear them to see what i did or didn't like. i love how light weight their glasses were, they are so easy to wear & are totally effortless.

if you're looking for new sunglasses for the spring/ summer you need to check out warby parker's sunglass line. i promise, there is something for everybody on there. you won't regret it.


a few weeks ago some friends & i went to santa barbara & took these pictures with the kids & i'm so glad that we did. i love having these pictures of our time in california with the boys.
we did it. we have officially moved. we've known since last summer that we would be moving to utah & it always felt like we had so much time left in california, that it really snuck up on us. i had gone to florida the weekend before our move & while i was there austin ended up packing a lot of our things which was so nice & helpful because the week before our move was craaaaazy. both the kids got crazy sick, cedar has never missed school for being sick & couldn't go which was so sad since it was his last week, but luckily he was good enough to go on his last day. & on top of that trying to pack what was left, getting all of our good-bye's in, & milos second birthday! it was so busy. but we managed & we even threw milo a little party the day before we left which was a perfect send off. it's been emotional but i think the change will be good, at least that's what i keep reminding myself. it will all be good.

a few weeks ago some friends & i went to santa barbara & took these pictures with the kids & i'm so glad that we did. i love having these pictures of our time in california with the boys.


last weekend i got the chance to have a kid free weekend. my sister had to go to florida for work & had to leaved before her kids were able to go, so she asked if i'd be willing. obviously, i said yes. a break sounded pretty good to me & it was. i flew out thursday night & friday morning my sister & i went to tampa where she was working & i crashed at the hotel for a few hours before going out to explore.

after waking up i headed to st. petersburg, where i went to the salvador dali museum, wandered around the city, walked along the water & grabbed some food. afterwards i went & met up with my sister & we got dinner at datz which was so good & cute. the menus looked like newspapers & the menu was super unique, it was really good!

on saturday i was a total bum. i had plans to wake up & go to the beach but then i ended up sleeping in, watching tv & by the time i left the hotel it was 12:30, so i ended up just going to get some food & explore tampa while i waited for my sister to finish work. i looked up where to eat & found a place called oxford exchange. it was such a cool place, there's a book shop, homewares store, warby parker section, restaurant, cafe & so much more all in one place, it was crazy. it was really awesome looking too. i showed up thinking i could just walk in, since there was only one of me, buuuut when i got there at 1:15 they said the next reservation wasn't until 2:45, so i was wrong, haha. i ended up eating at the cafe which suited me just fine, i sat at the bar & read while i had a solo brunch.

afterwards i walked around tampa university which was seriously so pretty. the buildings were really cool looking, pretty unique. i was surprised at how much tampa did have to offer... i mean, florida has never really been on my radar but it definitely has some charm to it & interesting places to see. i'm regretting that i never made it to the beach, but there's always next time.

it was actually weird having so much alone time. there are days where the kids are driving me wild & i want a break sooooo bad, but to actually have all of that alone time was weird! it was hard for me to get used to it at first, but after a while it was sort of nice. i actually was able to slow down & not worry about being somewhere all the time. i'm pretty sure i spent a lot of my time missing my kids though.