last weekend i got the chance to have a kid free weekend. my sister had to go to florida for work & had to leaved before her kids were able to go, so she asked if i'd be willing. obviously, i said yes. a break sounded pretty good to me & it was. i flew out thursday night & friday morning my sister & i went to tampa where she was working & i crashed at the hotel for a few hours before going out to explore.

after waking up i headed to st. petersburg, where i went to the salvador dali museum, wandered around the city, walked along the water & grabbed some food. afterwards i went & met up with my sister & we got dinner at datz which was so good & cute. the menus looked like newspapers & the menu was super unique, it was really good!

on saturday i was a total bum. i had plans to wake up & go to the beach but then i ended up sleeping in, watching tv & by the time i left the hotel it was 12:30, so i ended up just going to get some food & explore tampa while i waited for my sister to finish work. i looked up where to eat & found a place called oxford exchange. it was such a cool place, there's a book shop, homewares store, warby parker section, restaurant, cafe & so much more all in one place, it was crazy. it was really awesome looking too. i showed up thinking i could just walk in, since there was only one of me, buuuut when i got there at 1:15 they said the next reservation wasn't until 2:45, so i was wrong, haha. i ended up eating at the cafe which suited me just fine, i sat at the bar & read while i had a solo brunch.

afterwards i walked around tampa university which was seriously so pretty. the buildings were really cool looking, pretty unique. i was surprised at how much tampa did have to offer... i mean, florida has never really been on my radar but it definitely has some charm to it & interesting places to see. i'm regretting that i never made it to the beach, but there's always next time.

it was actually weird having so much alone time. there are days where the kids are driving me wild & i want a break sooooo bad, but to actually have all of that alone time was weird! it was hard for me to get used to it at first, but after a while it was sort of nice. i actually was able to slow down & not worry about being somewhere all the time. i'm pretty sure i spent a lot of my time missing my kids though.

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