the last few months i have been OBSESSED with my skincare. really, austin is so sick of me talking about facewashes & serums & what not. i have spent a long time deciding what products are just right for my skin, what works for me, what i should & shouldn't use & all the ins & outs of my skincare routine. i've been researching & talking to literally everyone & feel like i finally have figured it out. now, i'm no skin expert, this is just what works for me but these are truly all products that i love.

i categorize my skin type as sensitive/dry to normal/dry. my skin is really, very dry. i can go to the most humid climate & still have dry skin, so i have to seriously moisturize if i want my face to last through the day. i have times where it can be really sensitive, but for the most part its pretty much normal/dry. i'm not acne prone, however when i do get acne its on the cystic side of things which really sucks. especially because i was a born picker & picking at cystic acne is the absolute worst thing to do. i try my best not to do it, but i'm human.

my cousins & i were all talking about skincare, cause like me they are obsessed, & i learned about caroline hirons. i had never heard of her before but she knows her stuff. for real. i love reading her posts & watching her videos, she is such a well of knowledge when it comes to skin, so if you haven't read or hear of her, you totally sure.

it was from her that i developed my skincare routine. i learned the importance of washing my face morning & night & adopted a dual-wash system.

1. cleanse
2. exfoliate/ tone
3. spray hydrate
4. eye cream
5. serum/oil
6. moisturize

every morning i go through this routine. i've been using the YTTP wash for three months & it has completely transformed my skin, afterwards i use my toner & then spray my face with herbivore rose water which i forgot to show! followed up with my YTTP age prevention serum, which i totally love. when i'm able i am planning to switch it out with a retinol, but for right now this one is more in my price range! i then use the eye boosting oil & after i drop the fresh oil across my forehead & cheeks, then i rub it in & follow with the dr. jart+ hydro gel, which i also totally love. 

1. makeup remover/ cleanse
2. cleanse
3. exfoliate (2x's a week)
4. tone
5. hydrate spray
6. eye cream
7. serum/treatments/oil
8. moisturize

i think the biggest change in my skin has come from the dual-cleanse i've started doing. i always felt like my makeup didn't get all taken off from my face wash, but the dual system makes my skin squeaky clean. i started using this system with the philosophy purity wash because my cousin gave me a travel size one & i have really liked it, it is so soft on my skin. i then follow up with the YTTP wash, i use a witch hazel toner because i don't think my skin needs something that will dry it with an acid. then i apply the YTTP age serum, my eye boosting oil followed with glossier's super pure which i swear by. that stuff seriously works against acne, it is amazing. everyone needs it. & after i drop the fresh oil across my forehead & cheeks, then i rub it in & follow with the dr. jart+ hydro gel, just like i do in the morning.

twice a week i skin the philosophy wash & start with my YTTP & follow through with the cure scrub which is amazing. you apply a decent amount to your face & let it sit a minute & then lightly rub your face & it peels off so many dead skin cells. it is seriously so gratifying to see all the skin come up. i'm weird like that. but i love this product, you need to use it. 

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