I'm excited.

For the fun new movies that are coming out! I originally just went to watch the trailer for the new movie Penelope that is supposed to be coming out soon, but then there were so many good looking trailers I had to continue watching them! Here are just a few that I want to see! Penelope looks like it will be a fun, cute love story and who doesn't love those?!
To me,
Over Her Dead Body looks like it will be a funny movie, plus i love Eva. The movie 21 is a true story, and from the trailer looks very interesting and once again, i like the main character (he's from Across the Universe). Now Forgetting Sarah Marshall doesn't really strike me as a great movie that I would rush out to see..but for anyone that was with me at Turtle Bay circa spring 07, this is the movie that they were filming while we were there...so I just might have to go see it. The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian I love the Chronicles of Narnia! The Other Boleyn Girl, I'm sure you have all heard about this movie that is coming out, and I am very very excited for it and wanted to share the trailer with you all! I think it's the American Girl doll loving younger part of me that really wants to see Kit Kittredge An American Girl after all, Kit was the last doll I got from there and I did read the stories. Miss Pettigrew just seems like it will be good.
And last, but not least..
Mamma Mia! Anyone that knows my family, knows that this is by far our favorite play. I must admit, I know I have seen it at least 5 times, and I'm pretty sure my sister Kelly and Mom have the same record! We love this play, and I for one am very excited for the movie to come out, then for it to come to stores so I can watch it whenever I please!
"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." -Yiddish Proverb

happy thoughts...

100 happy things 1. O.P.I. nail polish in Mod. 2. Indian Music. 3. Lotion. 4. Magazines with pretty pictures. 5. Urban Outfitters Anthropologie Ron Herman Free People Nordstrom. 6. Reading. 7. Hot chocolate and laying in a warm bed. 8. Thunderstorms. 9. Late nights out with a couple of my favorite people. 10. Sitting around a bonfire at the beach with friends. 11. Being wrapped up in blankets like a mummy. 12. Poppies. 13. Mint chocolate chip ice-cream in my belly. 14. Pictures of my friends and family. 15. Summer afternoons before the sun begins to set and everything has a warm reddish tint to it. 16. Sunny not to hot, not to cold days. 17. Plain white paper, colored, lined, patterened, any kind of paper. 18. Singing in the car with friends at the top of our lungs to girly songs or the backstreet boys. 19. Dancing in my room when no one can see me. 20. Quotes. 21. Drawing doodles that end up looking interesting. 22. Compliments. 23. First Kisses. 24. Phone calls from someone I havnt heard from in a while. 25. Driving to the beach at 5 a.m. just to watch the sunrise for 5 minutes. 26. Getting butterflies when you see someone you have a crush on. 27. Babies and watching them grow up and learn about the world. 28. Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. 29. Vanilla and baby lotion. 30. Warm home baked cookies with milk. 31. Making someone I care about happy. 32. Giving gifts. 33. Getting a new pair of shoes that I just can’t wait to wear. 34. Unexpected happy mail. 35. Coming to a clean and organized room. 36. Going to Chili’s with Ashley, Reilly, and whoever else joins for a girl’s night out. 37. Discovering a new, spectacular band. 38. Smells that flood you with old happy memories. 39. Polo Cologne. 40. Little green toy army men that remind me of Grayson. 41. Horse back riding. 42. My baby car Monsoony. 43. The smell of paint and the feeling of painting with my fingers. 44. Watching My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music on “sick” days. 45. Magazines with pretty pictures for me to tear out and keep. 46. Naps. 47. My moms chicken noodle soup, and anything else she makes because it tastes better if she does it. 48. Pretty bracelets covering my entire arm. 49. Watching My so-called Life. 50. Having a night in to craft while watching good re-runs on t.v. 51. Conversation hearts. 52. Jewelry of any shape, size, and color. 53. The smell of asphalt after it rains. 54. Going home and feeling as if everything is the same from when you left it. 55. Laying on blankets looking at the stars with friends. 56. Playing hide and go seek in the dark in someone’s house. 57. Going on photoshoots. 58. Aquaphore. 59. My kitten Gracie. 60. When Reilly and I talk and just laugh and make fun of each other in any way possible. 61. Taking long, hot baths in my Mom’s room. 62. Lazy summer days spent at the beach and swimming in pools. 63. Australian and British accents. 64. All-nighter’s. 65. White tee shirts. 66. Getting my hair cut, colored, or just washed by someone else. 67. The first day of school. 68. Reeses. 69. Manicures and Pedicures. 70. Receiving mail. 71. Bright colors. 72. Christmas lights. 73. Sleeping in. 74. New calanders. 75. Boxes. 76. Lots of people piled onto one little bed listening to music and laughing. 77. Glow in the dark ceiling stars. 78. Thinnies for breakfast. 79. A messy yet orderly room. 80. Cuddling. 81. Skating adventures with Nickoli. 82. Houses with pop out windows. 83. Thinking about having my own horse. 84. Rings. 85. Jamba Juice. 86. Finding something I hadn’t seen for a long time. 87. Surprising people. 88. Trips with family friends. 89. Curly hair. 90. Text messages. 91. Feeling that I am doing something meaningful with my life. 92. Driving golf carts. 93. Disneyland. 94. My mom buying me anything because she thought it would be useful or I would like it. 95. Birthday parties. 96. A good rootbeer. 97. Strawberry lemonade. 98. Long weekends. 99. Trident tropical twist gum. 100. Taking a chance and having it work out.

"The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend." -Henry David Thoreau

Dancing Queen's

Here's a video of Me and Ashley during winter break, just have a little fun after we had been out around town with some friends!


I know I am a little slow on the trend... but I may have fallen in love with Ikea! Today was my first time not only going to the store, but even seeing what it has to offer! I have never looked through an Ikea catalog or anything of the sort. So I was surprised when I went there for the first time today and got to see all the many fun things it had to offer! My mom and sister took me so I could find a bookshelf for my room, and there were so many different styles and colors to pick from. I had so much fun wandering up and down the different sections, and seeing the different ways they showed the items in their showrooms and such. If you haven't been or seen any Ikea items, I suggest you do so quickly!

Winter Break

For the past few weeks I have been back in good old California, and it was lots of fun! I got to do a lot of fun things, one of my favorites was just being able to see all of my friends that I had left behind. Besides that, I went to the beach.. the Getty Museum for the first time.. and my all time favorite, Disneyland, plus we had Christmas and New Years!
Christmas was fun, the entire family got to be together and it was fun to see all of the little babies playing with each other and having fun. New Years, was alright. I had a few friends over and we went in the spa and then played games on our new Wii. I'm sad to say that I must be getting old though because I couldn't stay up till 12! I fell asleep at 11:30! Such a party pooper! But a few nights later, my friend Derek was having a Pillow party, so Reilly, Ashley, and I turned his room into a pretend New Years party while we waited for the others to come over, so we took lots of a pictures! A few of which are I'm sharing with you! In the top picture, from left to right is Reilly, Me, and Ashley. In the middle picture, there is a sliver of Reilly's arm, Me, Ashley, and Derek. The Last picture was in Ashley's car on our way to Derek's, left to right is Reilly, Me and Ashley again!

"A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water."-Carl Reiner

Out with the old...

Do you ever dream of starting anything over? I sure do! I always think of how I could have done something different, and what a drastic change it may have made in my life. I am always wanting a fresh start. I think that's why I love the beginning of a new school year, or semester, because I feel like its a new start, that anything is possible. I love empty books because I can fill them with anything, and it will be new. Or reorganizing a room because the possibilities seem endless once it is organized (even if it only lasts a few minutes). 
Well, I had a deep desire for something new, and I felt that it would be with my blog. Since I didn't like my old blog, I decided it was time to go out with the old, and in with the new. So here I am, starting my blogging experience again. Hopefully this time I will blog more, and like it more so I won't be deleting this one!