This summer has flown by! After going to Peru, i went to New York and to the Bahamas with my family which was really fun. After the vacations I have just been with friends going to the beach, bonfires, going to piers,& boxing nights. Plus I've seen Coldplay and Rocky Votolato in concert.It's been really fun.. besides that there isn't too much new or exciting! Peru was such an amazing experience. After getting used to it and becoming more comfortable i loved it. It was so neat to see how different life is for the people that live there. I loved being able to live the way that they do. It was really cool to work in the schools too. I really liked helping with the little kids, just playing with them and helping them color and such. Plus while being there we got to see some amazing sites, like Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. We also met loads of different people from all over the world that were working with the same program which made it really fun.