The great outdoors

saturday russell and i set out on the open road. We drove up to utah so i can move back for the new school year but before the new year, we had one last summer trip to Zion's National Park. Russell and i met willie at the park and set up camp for the next two nights. The first day we were there we hiked Angel's Landing. It was a really cool hike. Lots of winding pathways all the way up the mountain where we then had to use chains to climb up the thin part of the mountains ridge before making it to the very top. Amazingly i made it with my fear of heights! The next day we hiked the Narrows. That was a really nice hike. It's about 14 miles in total but it is mainly flat surface. The hike is through water which cools you down which is a plus, but the tricky part are the rocks. because it's in water the rocks get really slippery and mossy, so you have to watch your footing so you don't fall or get hurt.. unfortunately for me i was one of the unlucky ones who slipped and fell completely in! All in all it was a really fun little weekend trip. After finishing our trip we kept heading toward Salt Lake City where i'll be living for the year!

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