magical wonderland

tomorrow marks the first week on three that i will be spending back home in good old newbury park. so far, so good. i've been hanging with the fam and what friends i have left that are back from school. i have been spending much time with my gimp of a brother (he had surgery on his shoulder so had a huge sling he gets to wear everywhere). my mom and i ahve attempted seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox! twice now...the projectors never seem to work the days we chose though which is very upsetting, upside is we got free movie tickets for our troubles. Instead of seeing that we saw the Princess and the Frog which is pretty cute, not up to classic disney princess movies but it's still a good one. Wednesday night we had a big Jenga tournament which was fun, everyone was getting into it. Thursday I went to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth and has a fabulous time. We saw the Pollock clan there and caught a few rides with them and Kelly brought Gavin and Owen to join the fun so i got to take them on some of the coasters which was really fun. I thought owen was goign to fly out of the seat on the matterhorn, i think i was more scared than he was on that one. Yesterday i got some christmas shopping done, saw Avatar, and went to an ugly sweater party. It's been a pretty busy week and has been really good, i'm excited to see what the rest of the break has to offer.

Rough Gems

Santa asked me for a christmas list, so while i was paroozing the sites for some locely jewelry that struck my fancy, i stumbled upon these little beauties. These rings are made from rough diamonds. they ahve not been re-cut, polished or anything, they still have their natural state, the single ring has clear cut diamonds crossing it and they are gorgeous. the pictures does not do them justice, but trust me they are. i would not mind if i found one of these beauties under the tree for me...but unfortunatley i'm 99% positive they are out of santas price range for me. but maybe when i grow up i'll be able to sport one of these beauties on my fingers...if you want a better image and more "rough gems" go here!

Wedding Bells

This past weekend my bestfriend for the past 20 years of my life got married to her highschool sweetheart! Ashley and jake have quite the cute love story. They met at youth conference, the summer before our freshman year of highschool, and she had an instant crush. Jake was friends with her brother so it made it a little hard but easier at the same time. I remember goign to the pollocks house on the weekends to watch the boys play axis and allies so ashley could see jake and i could see my crush at the time. a few short months later, on jakes 16 birthday they had their first kiss, and from that point on they were ashley and jake. They were always the happiest couple and they survived through three years of being apart when jake went to byu and then on his mission. he came home this past summer and their romance could start again and they are now happily Mr & Mrs Jake Maddox! I'm so happy for them and can't wait for their arrival to provo so i can see a little more of the two! love you both and wish you a happy happy marriage!


My friend grayson got a membership to the local quarry in provo for his past birthday, and has started taking me with him. every friday you can bring a friend for free if you have a membership, so i've taken the friend spot and have been having so much fun with it! I'm so glad he doesn't care to take an actual date too, so i have my spot saved. Last night we went again and we went with our friends jp, nathan, tayler and blake and had a blast. hopefully they had as much fun as i did! we climbed for 3 straight hours and my arms are killing me but it was so worth it! i love to go, and hopefully they'll start tagging along and get into it to!

care package

Yesterday i got a package in the mail from my oldest bestie ashley! she sent me a cute box full of goodies including: mini calendar, little notebooks, hugs & kisses, candles, paper flowers, and a mug for hot cocoa and cider. It made my day so bright and me feel so loved! I'm so lucky to have a friend as good as her, and i get to see her this monday and help her prepare for her big day coming up this friday!


This weekend i drove home with reilly nathan and blake for a marevlous halloween vacationnn! it was so much fun! we went to the beach, saw old friends and and halloween night, me, shan, nathan, and chris went to HARD fest in LA where we met our friends blaise t.j. will and derek. It was insaneee I had so much fun at the show. We saw justice, classixxx, crookers, 2manydj's, steve aoki, deadmau5 and plenty more. it was amazing, we had sooo much fun!
Then for the next exciting news of the weekend, shannon was baptized on sunday! it was amazing watching my best friend get baptized and to have been able to play a part in it no matter how small. it was such a wonderful experience, and i am so happy for her! all of our closest friends and family came out to support her too!


Here's an update on my life within the past few weeks:
Pumpkin Carving parties
Where the Wild Things Are
Drives along Wasatch with Ryles
The O.C.
Making applesauce cookies
Donnie Darko
Gallery Stroll
Making new friends
& last but not least, Hot tub tuesdays


Yesterday reirei and i decided to combine our creativity and build a fort underneath her bed. The fort included many many blankets, covering walls, floor and top of her bed. pillows to cushion us, little strungup lights, books to read, and a camera to document. This is the outcome.
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europe in a nutshell

how happy is the blameless bestal's lot! the world forgetting, by the world forgot. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd; labour and rest, that equal periods keep; "obedient slumbers that can wake and weep;" desires compos'd, affections ever ev'n, tears that delight, and sighs that waft to heav'n. grace shines around her with serenest beams, and whisp'ring angels prompt her golden dreams. for her th' unfading rose of eden blooms, and wings of seraphs shed deivine perfumes, for her the spouse prepares the bridal ring, for her white virgins hymeneals sing, to sounds of heav'nly harps she dies away, and melts in visions of eternal day.
-Alexander Pope

am dreaming of..

i've been on the hunt for these little beauties for the past couple of months and they have finally come up on radar. i hope they're as cute on as they are in the picture. maybe i'll test them out to see..


For all of you music lovers in utah, here's the roundup of bands soon to be coming to salt lake. get your tickets here.
September 16: The Get up kids with Youth group and Pretty & Nice $19.99 @ In The Venue
September 25: Flogging Molly $22.50 @ In The Venue
September 25: Sea Wolf with Port O'Brien & Sara Lov $10.50 @ In The Venue
October 2: Colbie Caillat with Howie Day $25.00 @ In the Venue
October 7: Passion Pit $15.00 @ The Urban Lounge
October 11: Souls of Mischief with STrong Arm STeady & Deep Rooted $12.00 @ The Urban Lounge
October 12: Yo La Tengo $17.00 @ The Urban Lounge
October 20: The Gossip with Men 13.00 @ The Urban Lounge
October 24: Sunset Rubdown $10.00 @ The Urban Lounge
October 28: The Bravery $16.00 @ Murray Theater
October 28: Ghostface Killah $20.00 @ The Urban Lounge
October 30: The Sounds with Foxy Shazaam $18.00 @ In the Venue
October 31: Dinosaur Jr. $20.00 @ The Urban Lounge
November 6: Regina Spektor with Jupiter One $30.00 @ In The Venue
November 27: Minus The Bear $15.00 @ In The Venue

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Son of Rambo

I discovered Son of Rambo little over a year ago, and i fell absolutely in love with it. It is about two young very different boys who both share a fondness for Rambo and make their own mini versions of the movies. It's a creative, fun, and interesting plot. I can't even describe the magnificence i find in this movie, watch the trailer and if it intrigues you enough definitely rent the movie. maybe you'll love it as much as i do.

pretty please?

I am always on the lookout for good colored pencils. ones with the perfect texture, feel, and a color for every mood imaginable. i think i may have found them. thanks to some random blog searching, i have come across Social Designer, who makes a color palette of 500 colors. This is a dream come true. What is even better is you can subscribe to pencils so they keep on coming for 20 months, 25 new colors continiously appearing at your doorstep for 20 months. what's not to love? I can only dream to aquire them all and to have this pretty little set up in my room. maybe one day i'll reach this lovely dream of mine with some help. this is any color lovers dream come true.
do you ever get that strange feeling of vuja de? not deja vu; vuja de. its the distinct sense that somehow, something just happened that has never happened before. nothing seems familiar. and then suddenly the feeling is gone. vuja de.
- george carlin

my so-called life

"This life has been a test. If this had been an actual life, you would have received instructions on where to go and what to do." - Angela It's time to break out one of my all time favorite shows, My So-called Life. Thanks to my beautiful cousin whitney, i have become obsessed with this show. The show was taken off the air before i was even old enough to watch it, but that may just make me love it even more. For those of you who don't know, it is set in the 90's and follows a group of three friends through their different life trials of high-school. Plus, it has amazing quotes. I love it. Every year i watch it, and i have been needing it in my life for some time now. Now that i'm all moved in and settled at my new spot for the year, i have started watching the show and have realized how much i have missed it in my life. So thank you whitney for introducing me to this marvelous show, i don't know what i would do without it.

Me, myself & i

Today while making the blog rounds i checked my sisters and saw her new post, a challenge to describe herself in 25 words. She threw out the challenge to anyone else who wanted to join the fun. What i had to do was take a picture of myself at that moment (ready for bed, glasses, retainer & all), & describe myself. So here i am in all my glory.
music loving, art creating, world traveler, jewelry obsessed, peach eater, sarcastically funny, movie watcher, tropical trident chewer, scatterbrained, constantly writing, daydreamer, friend & family protector.

Lego genius

While we were on our trip, we came across a shop that had loads of fun little goodies to play with, one including a portable ipod speaker shaped like a lego. This little guy is the best, and i truly regret not getting one myself but maybe in the future.. The lego just plugs into your ipod and amplifies the sound, so you do not need batteries or a plug. It works anywhere you would like it to, and is the perfect travel buddy. It's no bigger than a chapstick and works so great, plus there are lots of different colors to pick from, so go ahead and click here to get one. You know you want to!


Italy was so much fun. We started in milan and then went to florence and rome. While we were in milan we went to lake como, one of my favorite places in italy. highly recommended to go there. It was so pretty, we just went for the day and took a boat fairy around the different little towns. Milan was an adventure because we had to find the e.r. cause shan got some sort of odd rash... it made our time there a little more exciting, and no worries she is fine!

After milan we went to florence, that was really fun. Our hostel was really cool, they had a pool, sauna, disco club, and every room had their own bathroom so it was extremely nice for a really good price. While we were there we saw the david, duomo, the famous florence bridge and other random little sites. I had a mishap while there. When we were in line for the david i got hit with some bird poop.. in my hair.. it was really gross so that set us back a little, but gave everyone a good laugh for the rest of the day! On our way going to rome, we took a detour to pisa to get some pictures in at the leaning tower of pisa.
Rome i think is on everyones top list of where to go now. We had a great time there. We stayed in a perfect location, it only took about 5-10 minutes to walk to the coliseum, & about 15 to the trevi fountain, so it was really easy to get around. While we were there we went to st. peters square, climbed to the top of the vatican, made a wish at the trevi fountain, ate dinner while looking at the coliseum, and wandered all over the city. The trip was amazing, everyone became so close in the end and we all had so much fun.


Interlaken was probably one of my favorite spots of the trip. We stayed at a really fun hostel that was also really nice with a good price. The hostel always had loads of activities and people everywhere, and they made it easy to find good things to do. The first day we arrived we walked all around the city, getting a feel for it and trying to see what we would be interested in doing. The second day we were there, we went into the city and there was a huge rain storm that hit so we were stranded for a bit under some covering because we didn't want to get completely soaked, but soon enough i got everyone to agree to just make a run in the rain, which i thought was fun because i love rain. Later that day we went white water rafting, which was so exciting. the water was about 8 celsius, so pretty much freezing but that did not change how much fun we had. I loved every minute of it and am so glad we decided to go.
Our last day there, shan and i went to the jungfrau, also known as the top of europe, and the boys went on a day hike. Junfrau was pretty cool, i have gone there before with my family but when we went it was a cloudy day so you couldn't see how high you were and when shan and i went it was really clear and beautiful. There was an ice palace where they have different sculptures carved out and different look out points, i didn't want to go at first because i had already been and because of the cold, but i'm really glad we did.
When we went down from the jungfrau it was fun to hear what the boys did and see their pictures because our days were so completely different but we were only 2 hours away. Our day was freezing and filled with snow, ice, and hot chocolate while the boys was sunny, bright, and warm. Interlaken is great if you like to be out doors, there is such a huge variety of different things you can do, there is no way you can't find something you're interested in!


Paris, was lovely. We got there early in the morning and were able to do a lot with our time there. The first day we saw Notre Dam and then napped because we were so out of it. That night we went to the Eiffel Tower to see it light up and have dinner while looking at it, it was very romantic for me and shan, the boys didn't want to join! The next day was my 20th birthday! I had planned it perfectly to spend my bid day in my favorite city, and boy was that a good idea! My mom and Shan surprised me with a birthday lunch at the Jules Vern, the restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower! It was so fun, we had to get dressed up and were treated like royalty, plus the food was outrageously good and we had the best view of the city. After we ate we went to the very top of the tower. Later that day we met with our friend that was also there visiting her family, and we went out for crepes. The next day we went to the Louvre, and to Versailles, both are amazing and if you ever get to go to paris, you have to see both. I love the gardens at Versailles, they are breathtaking. WE took a nice little nap in the grass at the palace as well!
Later that night, we met up with another friend who was doing an internship in paris. We ate with her and her friend at a little greek type shop, which i loved, found the other store in paris that sold dr. pepper, which made nathan ecstatic, and then got desert by the Arc de Triumph. And of course, shannon and i had to shop around the main streets and admire all the pretty things in the designer stores that we have no intention or the ability to purchase..but girls can dream, right..?


After Spain we went to England, and stayed in a suburb outside of london called Chelmsford with the boys' old mission companion, luke. It was pretty cool because we all had the house to ourselves because his family was gone. The first day we got there, we went down to Cambridge to go punting along the canal of all the famous old universities. That was a lot of fun, punting is when a person stand on the back of the gondola boat and pushes you along with a stick, but instead of hiring someone to do it for us, we did it. It was so funny watching all of the boys doing it, they had no clue how to work it at first, but then once shannon and i attempted there were no words to explain just how terrible we were. It was hilarious needless to say.
One day Shan, Nate, Blake, and I went into London and found our way throughout the city hitting all the main sites. We went to the tower of london, buckingham palace, we wandered through the rain for 2 hours in hyde park to find peter pan, we had a picnic infront of the london eye and big ben, saw westminster cathedral, and ate fish and chips in notting hill. It was a action packed fun day.
On our last day with Luke, we went to the white cliffs of dover. Those were amazing, they reminded me a lot of the cliffs of moher in ireland. They were really cool. We walked along those for a while, and then settled down for a picnic and cool down on one of the edges of a cliff. What else makes them cool is for all of you pride and prejudice fans, a scene from the movie was filmed there, so that made me more excited to see them!


So i have decided to do an overview of all the places we have traveled to on our grand adventure, now that it's coming to an end! Spain was really so much fun. Shan and i were not thrilled with madrid, but once we got out of there things start to look up for us. San Sebastian was so much fun, and really laid back. All we did was lounge about on the beach and wander throughout the little town getting some pictures, and we also met up with my friend Kaitlyn, who had been doing a study abroad in spain. It was so much fun seeing her and hanging out with her friends from the program. After San Sebastian, we took a 10 hour train ride to Barcelona. Barcelona was amazing. We loved it. We met up with Nate and Blake there, and that's when the party began. We were constantly doing something. We went to the beach, we went to the sagrada familia, park de guell, the boys took us on a bike tour throughout the city, and we went out dancing the night away. We also saw Kaitlyn while we were in barcelona, which made it really fun cause we then had a big group of about 6-8 people! all in all, barcelona was a marvelous experience!


Hey everyone, i have started my grand euroadventure and am now in my second location: San Sebastian! Shannon and I flew to Madrid monday morning and arrived on tuesday morning, so you can imagine how that long flight went..We spent a few days in madrid, and i must admit it is not my favorite and is definitely not a place i would go back to..sorry madrid. Anyways, today we took at 5 hour train ride to San Sebastian, a fun little beach town which is close to France. As of current we love it and would have much rather come here than even gone to madrid, but we least we had that experience. Today we have just been laying at the beach and listening to music, they are having a jazz festival and free live music plays all day and night on the beach. Tomorrow we are going to see some of the famous sites of San Sebastian, and then at night we are going to meet ùp with my friend kaitlyn who i went to Peru with, so i am very excited to see her! Then we are off for a 10 hour train trip to Barcelona on Sunday! wish us luck! 2 spots down, only 8 more to go until im reunited with my mama.


I'm getting ready to leave on my big European adventure! We've got most of the plans finalized, we're arriving in Madrid then going to Barcelona, London, Paris, Interlaken, Venice, Florence, and Rome. I'm really excited and am constantly thinking of what to pack! On most my trips, i am able to bring my big bag and tend to pack it close to full, just leaving enough room for purchases. I tend to be an over-packer too.. i usually take a few pairs of shorts one pair jeans, and about 10 tops and 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, along with a pillow shampoo and condition and my ipod player... needless to say i definitely cannot bring all that on this trip! I will have a small backpack type bag and will be hauling it all over so can't have it being terribly heavy. Since i'll be gone for a bit over a month, i was wondering what pack-light secrets you use, what your must haves for vacation are, and what i should pack to lower my load.
happy birthday, can't believe it's been 10 years


This summer i have discovered underwater disposable cameras! they have been so much fun! granted it is a little difficult taking a picture underwater because it's hard to see through the lense but most of the pictures turn out pretty well and really fun. I'm having a blast experiencing with it! I think everyone should try one of these babies, i garantee you'll have some keepers! I have also learned that there is a new underwater digital camera, which would be so much fun! especially because i wouldn't have to worry about wasting the film, which i often do! So anyone who's interested check them both out!
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I have been a major slacker ever since summer has started. Last summer i would run practically every morning, during the school year i would go to the gym at least 4 days a week, this summer i have been running twice. It's time for a change. I need to pick up my slack and dust of my shoes! I miss the feeling i would get after a good run, of accomplishment, happiness, and being proud of myself for actually doing it. I am a huge procrastinator, i will put of anything for as long as i possibly can so it is going to take a lot of effort for me, but from here on out, i am going to run at least 4 times a week no matter how difficult it is to get me out the door!

Quote of the day

out with the old...

car and in with the! A few weeks ago i was talking with my mom saying how i sometimes wish i had a bigger, 4 door car because it is always such a hassle to have a 2  door car. People have broken my seats multiple times, and are always complaining about being in the back because it was small and squishy. While talking to my mom about it, i never expected she would say i could look for a new car, and when she did i was all smiles. The only rule was that it had to be for the same price that my old car would sell for, and it would have to be 4-wheel drive if it were an automatic. I was so excited! I started looking right away, but i didn't really expect to find the perfect car with those conditions, at least not as quickly as i did! A mere 2 weeks later we were on our way to check out the car i had found, which has also been my dream car for the past few months. I found a 2008 jeep liberty with the exact body style and color i wanted, and it fits my needs beautifully! I admit it was really hard for me to let my old car go, it was my first and will always be my favorite. It was small, fast, and manual. I loved it. But it wasn't too practical for me now living in the snow (i was terrified driving in storms with a baby sized car), and moving back and forth was always a toughie (always jam-packing my car with my life), so time to move on and i am happy with the choice!


Fashion fades, only style remains.-coco chanel
My friend recently showed me a blog called The Sartorialist. It's a fashion blog that shows pictures of random people a photographer sees all over the place, and the cool outfits they are wearing. All of the people wear what they would on a normal day and the photographer simply has them pose for a shoot. Some of the outfits are truly amazing and unique, i love it! Another fashion-y blog i have come across is called Look Book. This site is for anyone to post their outfit creations and others can comment their input on it. It also tells you where you can buy almost all of the items that the people show in their pictures, it's pretty fun and interesting to see what people are doing with fashion.  


Here are the latest songs i have been listening to so far this summer..
1. Cold War Kids- Hang me up to dry
2. Cut Copy- Lights & Music
3. Of Montreal- Wraith pinned to the mist and other games
4. The Sounds- No on sleeps when i'm awake
5. Black Eyed Peas- Now generation
6. Daine Birch- Choo Choo
7. Shwayze- Lazy Days
8. Cobra Starship- Good girls go bad
9. Hercules and Love Affair- Blind
10. Black Eyed Peas- Imma be
11. Jens Leckman- A sweet summer's night on hammer hill
12. The Nice Boys- Only in dreams
13. Daryl Hall & John Oates- Rich girl
14. Camera Obscura- French navy
15. Kid Rock- All Summer Long
16. Grizzly Bear- Your arms around me
17. Passion Pit- Sleepyhead
18. Jens Leckman- Black cab
19. Peter Bjorn and John- It don't move me

Cowboys & Indians

Last night was my friend Eric's Cowboy & Indian themed birthday party! It was pretty fun. To my surprise, everyone dressed up which was really cool, usually there are a few duds who don't join in but everyone did this time! We had pin the badge on the sheriff, which had Eric's face on it, and we surprised him with a birthday cake with his picture on it. The decorations were fun too! My friends put little toy cowboys and indians everywhere and made saloon doors for one of the hallways and other little things. We played games and danced the night away!

craft time

My latest crafty work, inspired by a similar picture i saw in a restaurant. i think the bright colors and quote are fun, especially to hang in an apartment of 6 girls! 


Tonight my mom got me my ticket to go on my EuroExtravaganza! I'm so excited! I've been planning it with my friends Shannon and Nathan, we have the countries all picked out, the dates, and now we finally have the tickets! it makes it all so much more real. It's crazy! We don't leave till July 20, but that gives shan and i the perfect amount of time to plan what we pack..we gotta make sure we have the perfect outfits! We have been talking about who will bring what ever since i asked her to come with me, we're trying to find anyway to make our bags lighter by still having anything we may need. So, this is the big EuroExtravaganza: July 20, Shan and i fly to Madrid, around the 24th, we go to Barcelona to meet up with Nathan and his other friend who will be with us. from there we go: to London, Paris, Berlin, Salzburg, somewhere in Croatia (nathan hasn't decided where yet), Venice, Florence, and ending in Rome! Ah, It will be so exciting! Anyone have any insight as to where to go, hotels/hostels, or what to pack to help packing lightly? All suggestions welcome! 

No Doubt!

Yesterday afternoon i drove down to san diego with my friends reilly and heidi to go see The Sounds, Paramore, and No Doubt(!) in concert! After the 6 hours of driving it took us to reach our destination, we surprisingly made it in time for the show..and the drive was well worth it! the show was amazing! I was really excited to see the sounds, i have liked them for a long time and never been able to see them and they were so good! plus, i got to hear some new songs that will be on their new album. Paramore was fine, i'm not a big fan, but no doubt was amazing! they were so good. Gwen Stefani's voice does not sound any different when live compared to a cd, she's amazing. they are so entertaining to watch. Plus, our tickets were only 15$ for such an awesome show! granted they definitely were not the best tickets.. the farthest away actually, but it didn't even matter! luckily my mom agreed to me going, cause it was most likely one of the best concerts i've ever been to, so thank you mom! Down below are some videos of No Doubt! 

Reading time

About a year ago a friend gave me a book called Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom. I loved that book, and thought it was so interesting and good, i wouldn't put it down. But over time i had forgotten about Mitch and his books, until recently i read another one called For One More Day, and again i could hardly put it down. I would stay up till 3 in the morning reading! I his books are so interesting and have really good life lessons in them, if you haven't checked him out you should consider doing so!

Girl Talk

Yesterday i went down to Santa Barbara to go to UCSB's music extravaganza! I went with my friends kirstine, reilly, ashley, johnny, eric, and etc. While we were there we also met up with my friend Shannon and two of her friends. It was so much fun! We got there just in time to see cold war kids, girl talk, asher roth, and ludacris. They were all really good and fun (minus asher roth...) but my favorite was definitely girl talk! They were my number reason for going, and i am so happy i finally got to see them It was crazy, so many people everywhere we could hardly move, and after dancing around and jumping around my feet were very thankful when i finally got off of them! The video below is of one of the songs girl talk performed!

Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all of you in the world! I hope you had a marvelous day! I want to thank my mom for everything she has ever done for me. She has taught me everything there is to know in life and is the kindest person i know. She is constantly putting us kids before her own needs and always willing to help a person in need. She's happy all of the time and anyone who meets her instantly loves her. I'm so happy that she is my mom and i know she is always there for me. I hope i helped make her mothers day special in some way. I love you mom!


It's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? there'd be no scope for imagination then...
- Lucy Maud Montgomery 

Gardens of the World

For years i have seen the gates into the Garden's of the World, and always wondered what it was like. The other day, i was across the street from the Garden's of the World when i finally decided to go and take a gander. It was beautiful! they have gardens from italy, france, england, asia and the states. it was so much bigger than i thought it would have been, and completely free! So, if you're ever in the area i highly recommend visiting it! 

Summer time

I finally finished school and all of my finals! last thursday was my last day at school, and i couldn't be more relieved! After finishing on thursday, i drove all the way home on friday and luckily i made it alive! its been so good to be home! it was a sad arrival though with no one there to greet me since my mom and brother are busy in india and thailand.. but at least the dogs and cat were excited to see me! i have loved the warm weather and being able to wear dresses and shorts without a jacket! boy, am i glad to be out of the snow! since i've been home, i've just been seeing friends and getting settled in, again. right now i'm in the OC visiting my sister and her family, and currently playing babysitter! but starting tomorrow, it's time to get my tan on!

The Fish

A few weeks ago i got a new camera called a Fisheye. it takes pictures that look like a bubble and gets so much in each shot. more than you think you're taking at the time. It's been really fun to play with, i take it everywhere with me now! and it isn't very expensive. at least, the one i got isn't! you can buy a camera from Urban Outfitters for 48$ (i got mine for 30 because i picked one with a hurt box) and i think it is well worth it for all the fun pictures you get in return! 

Love Tunes

With Some help from some friends, I made my valentine's playlist ... 

  1. My Kind of Lover - Locksley
  2. Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
  3. Oh, It Is Love - Hellogoodbye
  4. Carrying Your Love With Me - George Strait
  5. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  6. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
  7. The Way I Feel Inside - The Zombies 
  8. No One's Gonna Love You - Band of Horses
  9. Do You Love Me - The Contours
  10. The Idea Of Growing Old - The Features
  11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
  12. Bruises - Chairlift
  13. If You Find Yourself Caught In Love - Belle & Sebastian
  14. All You Need Is Love - The Beatles
  15. I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher
  16. I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline
  17. Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Valli
  18. My Perfect Lover - Mason Jennings
  19. Love Story - Taylor Swift
  20. Love Is Free - Sheryl Crow
  21. You Are The Sunshine of My Life - Stevie Wonder
  22. Can't Help Falling In Love - UB40
  23. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons - King Cole Trio 
  24. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
  25. When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge
  26. Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
  27. Always Love - Nada Surf
  28. This Years Love - David Gray
  29. Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
  30. Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
  31. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
  32. Lovers In Japan/ Reign Of Love - Coldplay
  33. Your Man - Josh Turner
  34. Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey
  35. Lover - Devendra banhart
  36. Our Love - Rhett Miller
  37. Lovebug - Jonas Brothers
  38. We Ain't Out of Love Yet - Randy Travis
  39. I Was Made for You - She & Him
  40. Chances Are - Johnny Mathis

Crafty Business

Last week my friend Ashley went to Guatemala to see what her brothers mission was like, and luckily for me she brought back souvenirs! I got some fun bracelets that we both became obsessed with while we were in Peru, and also a pair of stripped shorts. I really liked the shorts, but was pretty sure i wouldn't be wearing them too often. I wanted to be abe to wear them though because i really liked the fabric of them, so i got the idea of cutting them and making them into a skirt that i would wear more often! So this weekend i stitched the shorts and made them into a fabulous skirt. I won't lie, i'm pretty proud of my creation, i've never been one for sewing-crafts, but i think i did pretty well with this one and i like it a lot! 


I woke up this morning to one of my poor fishies floating at the top of the bowl. it was a devastating sight to see it's little friend swimming around it. i was heartbroken to see that it had died right after i had introduced it to the world. RIP white fishy, fishy numero uno, joon. I have replaced it, it was not easy but it's done and i am sad to say, the new fish is not as cute or fun as joon. she will be missed.

Fish Bowl

I have two new editions to my room, two little goldfish! I used to be terrified of fish, but i've now grown to be only scared of open water fish. so a couple in a bowl are perfectly o.k. by me. I got them about a week ago, one of them is white with an orange spot. the other is orange with a white belly, and i generally just call them fish 1 and fish 2, but they're real names are benny and joon (yes after the movie). They've been a fun addition, it's entertaining to watch them swim about and play, and to watch them make bubbles. i can even hear them pop! I'm thinking of upgrading their living space a little and getting them a sand castle to play in, hope they enjoy their living space as much as i enjoy having them! I keep wondering how i'll ever move them home with me though!