Tonight my mom got me my ticket to go on my EuroExtravaganza! I'm so excited! I've been planning it with my friends Shannon and Nathan, we have the countries all picked out, the dates, and now we finally have the tickets! it makes it all so much more real. It's crazy! We don't leave till July 20, but that gives shan and i the perfect amount of time to plan what we pack..we gotta make sure we have the perfect outfits! We have been talking about who will bring what ever since i asked her to come with me, we're trying to find anyway to make our bags lighter by still having anything we may need. So, this is the big EuroExtravaganza: July 20, Shan and i fly to Madrid, around the 24th, we go to Barcelona to meet up with Nathan and his other friend who will be with us. from there we go: to London, Paris, Berlin, Salzburg, somewhere in Croatia (nathan hasn't decided where yet), Venice, Florence, and ending in Rome! Ah, It will be so exciting! Anyone have any insight as to where to go, hotels/hostels, or what to pack to help packing lightly? All suggestions welcome! 

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