After Spain we went to England, and stayed in a suburb outside of london called Chelmsford with the boys' old mission companion, luke. It was pretty cool because we all had the house to ourselves because his family was gone. The first day we got there, we went down to Cambridge to go punting along the canal of all the famous old universities. That was a lot of fun, punting is when a person stand on the back of the gondola boat and pushes you along with a stick, but instead of hiring someone to do it for us, we did it. It was so funny watching all of the boys doing it, they had no clue how to work it at first, but then once shannon and i attempted there were no words to explain just how terrible we were. It was hilarious needless to say.
One day Shan, Nate, Blake, and I went into London and found our way throughout the city hitting all the main sites. We went to the tower of london, buckingham palace, we wandered through the rain for 2 hours in hyde park to find peter pan, we had a picnic infront of the london eye and big ben, saw westminster cathedral, and ate fish and chips in notting hill. It was a action packed fun day.
On our last day with Luke, we went to the white cliffs of dover. Those were amazing, they reminded me a lot of the cliffs of moher in ireland. They were really cool. We walked along those for a while, and then settled down for a picnic and cool down on one of the edges of a cliff. What else makes them cool is for all of you pride and prejudice fans, a scene from the movie was filmed there, so that made me more excited to see them!

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