Interlaken was probably one of my favorite spots of the trip. We stayed at a really fun hostel that was also really nice with a good price. The hostel always had loads of activities and people everywhere, and they made it easy to find good things to do. The first day we arrived we walked all around the city, getting a feel for it and trying to see what we would be interested in doing. The second day we were there, we went into the city and there was a huge rain storm that hit so we were stranded for a bit under some covering because we didn't want to get completely soaked, but soon enough i got everyone to agree to just make a run in the rain, which i thought was fun because i love rain. Later that day we went white water rafting, which was so exciting. the water was about 8 celsius, so pretty much freezing but that did not change how much fun we had. I loved every minute of it and am so glad we decided to go.
Our last day there, shan and i went to the jungfrau, also known as the top of europe, and the boys went on a day hike. Junfrau was pretty cool, i have gone there before with my family but when we went it was a cloudy day so you couldn't see how high you were and when shan and i went it was really clear and beautiful. There was an ice palace where they have different sculptures carved out and different look out points, i didn't want to go at first because i had already been and because of the cold, but i'm really glad we did.
When we went down from the jungfrau it was fun to hear what the boys did and see their pictures because our days were so completely different but we were only 2 hours away. Our day was freezing and filled with snow, ice, and hot chocolate while the boys was sunny, bright, and warm. Interlaken is great if you like to be out doors, there is such a huge variety of different things you can do, there is no way you can't find something you're interested in!