life till today

life has been pretty normal, doing the normal things.
going to school. doing homework. trying to clean my room and end up watching tv. hanging with heidi and laurel and reirei. trying to be crafty. hanging with ashley and the gang. getting food poisoning. finding new music. reading and listening to book on ipod preparing to pack up the room to head home for summer. getting excited for summer adventures. life is semi dull but also good. i think since i have things to look forward to it goes by slower than normal, but slow can be good. went to dinner last weekend with the np gang: grayson, ash, jake, gunn twins+ their lovely ladies, amy, andy, james and rei. it was really fun, i love when all of us get together. a few were greatly missed, but i'm sure they'll hit the next outing. lately i've been getting sick often and i've realized it's when i eat certain foods (i could blame it on my no soda..good excuse to go back right? but then i will have made no progress). example: rice, lots of bread, pastas and those types of things. last night i was supposed to go and see vampire weekend play downtown with a friend, but i got sick after my lunch (pasta) and i couldn't go, i was greatly disappointed. my problem is making miss such important events, i can't let it go on any longer so i have decided to cut a few of those foods out of my diet to try to solve my problem and see which one is causing the problems. hopefully it's not all of them, otherwise i'll have to be real crafty with my meals. i'm supposed to be rock climbing with ash today and i don't wanna let my friend down but i'm not too sure that i'm up to it due to yesterday, so we'll see. besides that nothing new or exciting in my life. i'm sure thats all to change though, due to the fact that i always lead such an exciting life (haha, joke).

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  1. feel better! you can come over, ill take care of you. :)
    no worries about RC, we can got next week.