it's been a fun and sp00ky halloween! went to a couple part-tays with my friends where we had lots of fun dressing up

wishful thinking

i wish to be in all of these places. sometimes i think a genie could really come in handy..

life to date

i've been missing from the blog worldlately, and i apologize. now that i've gotten that off of my chest let me give you a little catchup my friend Lindy moved to utah. i had to take my bike to get fixed and just hardly got it back. celebrated Laurel's big 2 - 0 birthday with all of our friends. we went to a concert and then had cake and pizza at my ma's house in slc. whoever wanted slept over to watch conference the next day. tempted going to conference, but had to sit in the JSM building instead, but it was still nice. had a giant newbury park reunion dinner at my ma's house. it was great everyone came. i have missed them so so much, luckily we're still all great friends. drove home last weekend with Laurel, Lindy, and Courtney. the car ride was extremely funny, and being home was comforting as always. now i'm back to school playing catchup on homework and such. my math class ends next week. i am both scared and excited just to be finished!
things i'm now looking forward too:
Harvest Boutique my friends and family are putting on in Park City next weekend. Halloween, i love this holiday and pumpkin anything. Landon comes home the day before Halloween. Nick comes home a few short weeks after that. and then it's practically christmas break. hurray!

little women

there are few other movie scenes that have broken my heart like this one
i don't think i'll ever to get over what happened.
jo, why can't you just love him?
"I have loved you since the moment I clamped eyes on you. What could be morereasonable than to marry you?"