mix of the month

1. Rocky Votolato: suicide medicine
2. The Tallest Man on Earth: the wild hunt
3. Rogue Wave: lake michigan
4. Spoon: the underdog
5. The Black Keys: howling' for you
6. Camera Obscura: french navy
7. Discovery: swing tree
8. Julian Casablancas: 11th dimension
9. Passion Pit: moths wings
10. The Temper Trap: down river
11. The XX: heart skipped a beat
12. Deer Tick: ashamed
13. Jens Lekman: black cab
14. Department of Eagles: no one does it like you
15. The Beach Boys: good vibrations
16. Wavves: baby say goodbye
17. The Magnetic Fields: california girls
18. T.Rex: mambo sun
19. Fleet Foxes: white winter hymnal
20. Fruit Bats: the ruminant band
21. Fruit Dodos: walking
22. Tegan & Sara: relief next to me


random thoughts

there's too much i want to do. and even more that i have to do. i want to do it all but time seems hard to come by. want to forget and just be

games for life

i love games. growing up when our family got together we would always play cards or dominos.
i loved it. we also would play the name game, which is by far my favorite.
now that i'm older my friends and i will play games a lot when we're together.
usually we play signs or the name game, sometimes board games too.
this weekend i was introduced to two new games: movie charades & picture sentence.
here's what you do for movie charades.
break up into two teams
pick how many rounds you want to play, and write 5 movie titles for each round
you then swap movie titles with the opposing team whenever it's your turn
each time your team goes up, one person sits out to guess while you act out the title of the movie.
it is really fun to play, it's surprisingly hard to act out movie titles and just adds a twist to original charades.
here's what you do for picture sentence.
everyone has a piece of paper
at the start, you write a sentence at the top of the paper saying anything
you then pass it to the person next to you, they look at the sentence and draw it to their best ability
they fold over the sentence so the next person can't see it, and pass the paper with their drawing.
the next person has to write a sentence describing what they see in the picture, and fold over the picture.
the next person has to draw what the sentence says and so on
it is really funny to see what your original sentence turns into
for example, mine started out as a man who ate a mouse who ate a shoe
and it turned into, a goblin priest reading a book..
if you're a game person, and you can understand my directions, these games are both worth giving a shot!

girls girls girls

sometimes what you need is some good old fashioned girl time. i spend a lot of my time... or most of it.. surrounded by boys. i seem to be friends with more boys than i am girls, and i am always doing some sort of activity with them.. snowboarding, rock climbing, skateboard riding, whatever it may be. i've always gotten the invite to tag along and be one of the boys, and i love it. boys have a lot of fun, girls do too, but it's a different kind. but every once in a while i need my girl time and this weekend was full of it. friends chelsey and lindsey came up to visit for the weekend and it was a blast. we spent the weekend with all of our friends playing games, having dinner or breakfasts together, lounging around taking naps, and playing a lot of truth or truth. we did nothing fancy, but it was really fun just getting to all be together. and after being with everyone, we got to go home and have girl time just me, laurel, chels, linds, and courtney. it was great. we did all the girl things that are necessary: shopping, girl talk, painting our nails, girl talk, watching mean girls, and more girl talk. i loved it, and it has made me just that much more excited to go home for the summer so we can have this be a reoccurring event. i love my boys, but i need the girls in my life, i wish the rest of my favorite ladies could have been there with us to make just that much better.

wedding bells

this past friday my friend Grayson got married. i always love when my friends get married, not only because i love weddings, but because i know that when one of us get married the entire group gets together. a lot of family friends came from out of town that we don't get see very often. people from home (california), hawaii, idaho and who knows where else. all in all, it was really fun to get to spend time with them!
the happy couple
mama jo, me, bree, abigayle, and vanessa
all the boys with the grom: andy, seek, clayton, devin, nick, james, the groom, jake, landon & garrett

grooms family: fin, ashley, jake, ashley, adam & emily
audrey, you are so wise. 
some of you may already know that i have a tumblr, i post whatever nonsense i find on other websites, blogs & tumblrs that strikes my fancy. i actually have really enjoyed it. i have just started a new tumblr specifically for my doodles. my mom gave me the idea to post them after i told her that i generally have one doodle i concentrate on per day while i'm at school. i will do my best to post 1 new doodle per school day!
sophomore year of highschool my cousin whitney came to live with us. while there, she introduced me to many things of which i loved, and one that i never understood: Felicity. she loved it, she even got my mom into and they would always be watching it, and i would always make fun of them. 6 years later and i am just not beginning my felicity obsession. whit was right to be addicted to this show. i watch it non-stop, it's been great during my illness too. all day long it plays in my t.v. Felicity is just so wise in all aspects of life.

"I guess when your heart gets broken, you sort of start to see the cracks in everything. I'm convinced that tragedy wants to harden us, and that our mission is to never let it. "
" I guess I'm learning, little by little, that we decide what our lives are going to be. Things happen to us, but it is our reactions that matter. "
"The hardest part about moving forward is not looking back. "

a couple of weeks ago while my mama was visiting me
i developed strep throat.
it was awful, never in my life had i experienced such a painful throat, or strep for that matter.
luckily for me, i had my mama to take care of me.
we went to movies, and played with whit while i tried getting better.
it was hard to stay down, i felt so useless and lazy.
i couldn't go climbing or snowboarding, my two main activities.
but after a week and a half or so of taking it easy, i was finally back to my normal state.
thank goodness!
I have been back to my normal routine of school, friends, climbing, and snowboarding.
i was the happiest girl to have my health back.
then it happened again.
yesterday while at school i felt sickly, my throat started to hurt, i got nervous.
today i went to the doctor again, just to be safe. hoping, praying, it was just a sore throat.
turns out the strep has returned.
i went a fair 21 years never having this awful illness, and now within 1 month i've had it twice!
i'm back to doing nothing and feeling lazy, so wish me luck as i hope to make a full recovery this time.

i love how bright this post is! i found it here.

i would like, no, love to be surrounded by books.