Aix de Provence, Gordes, Roussillon, London

well the trip has come to its last stop. tomorrow we're homeward bound. can't say i'm too excited about leaving vacation world but it happens. 
after paris we went to the south of france, Aix de Provence. it was beautiful there too. we stayed in a small village and visited Saint Remy & Gordes. 

this is a church in the town of Provence where we were staying

it was rad walking through the different little towns, experiencing what they had to offer. 
they are big on their soaps & lavender in the south of france so they had them both for sale everywhere you went. it still amazes me how tiny the roads are and how fast everybody drives here.

i loved how old everything is, it looks to be practically gone & falling apart but it's gorgeous.
my mom, ashley & i were all very obsessed with all of the shutters we saw everywhere
& all of the different colored doors that went along. 
they would have multiple colors along one building a lot to show the difference in shops or whatnot. 
some of the famous lavender for sale.
this is what our view consisted of while driving to Gordes: rows & rows of grape vines.

random but amazing little town we drove by on our way..

this is Roussillon. i wish i had more photos but it was pooring/hailing on us once we got there,
so it was semi difficult to get pictures. i have more on my film camera, but i've yet to get the film developed. anyways, for any artists out there that know about ochre paint, this is where they get the color from (you can see the ochre color in the buildings. maybe?)

this is what happens when ashley & i are bored while my ma figures out where to go.
we end up taking loads of pictures of ourselves.
this is my favorite of the three of us.
jo was not please we weren't being helpful. 
gorgeous view from the town Gordes. this place is unreal.
it's on top of a mountain with the best view. 
in the summer those fields are  c o v e r e d  with lavender.
i loved this town with all my little heart.
view of Gordes from the road when you're coming up to it.
see how unreal this place is? 
& finally, we left france for a day in england to show ash the sights.
london was a crazy town today. it was the busiest i have ever seen
i'm guessing it has to do with all the tourists that came in for the royal wedding.
nicely decorated with loads of flags everywhere though.

the london eye

ash & i on the big red tour bus 

& last but not least, big ben.
it a perfect ending to a great trip. saw all the big main sights
plus we got to go see The Phantom of The Opera,
one of my personal favorites.
a big thanks to my amazing ma for putting this all together
& for inviting us ladies on such an adventure!