you might remember a post i wrote a few weeks ago about cleaning out my room. well, this is the finished product. whitney & i took down all the things that used to be along the borders of my walls & reorganized my shelves. after she left i got a new bedspread, moved my bed against the wall to offer more space, & put up new pictures. this is the finished product

what i wore

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day off
top: leith, shorts: target, shoes: chuck taylors.
i love this shirt. i love how simple it appears then dramatic drape that happens in the back

work dressing
button up & belt: j.crew, pants: free people
these pants are amazing, i love them & how different they are with the design

 beach dressing
top: urban outfitters, shorts: free people, sunnies: ray ban
shorts are amazing & the perfect bathing suit cover up. i'm in the process of
finding something to wear underneath so i can wear them to normal places.
they are see through after all. 

sunday dressing
dress:by far my best purchase since i started working at anthropologie, 
belt: j.cew, shoes: steve madden

dodger game
had to show my pride
button down: j. crew, t-shirt: borrowed from my big bros closet, jeans: ag, shoes: toms

work dressing
got these jeans the other day at anthropologie, i love them. 
top: free people, tank: target, belt: unknown, jeans: ag (buy them at anthro), necklace: borrowed from my mama, shoes: steve maddens

living space

these are photographs by rick schultz. i love the color in these & the modern/classic mix together. these rooms have so much character to them. the flooring in all of the pictures is to die for, it looks amazing. & i love the black wall color with bright accents in the first two pictures. the burst of color lets the room come off a lot brighter than you would imagine with such dark walls. & the door in the last picture made me really happy. i love them all.

summer of love

june is the kickoff for my summer wedding tour
this is my summer: 
june 10: landon & vanessa
june 18: court & eric
june 28: megan & john
july 15: rus & kris
july 22:scotty & court
august 11: heidi & josh
august 26: greg & sam
all of my friends decided to get married at once,
looks like i missed the memo.
i can't wait to see all of their happy days take place
it is officially the summer of love

book club

i really want to start a book club.
i told my mom about it, & told her that if the book club idea fails, 
that i would start writing up my own book reports (nerdy but it sounds fun to me)
i love reading & analyzing books.
& i would love to talk them over with other people
it sounds so fun to have others insights and views besides my own!
that's why i want to start the book club! it'd be great. 
i mean, i already make notes all over my own books, so may as well share them with people..
as long as they're interested! 
any one want to join?

midnight in paris

saw this movie tonight & loved it.

time piece

i really like the idea of pocket watches. i don't know why more men don't use them.
they're awesome in my mind, and i want one to sport around. 
i think it'd be great to have. plus they look amazing if you find the right one.
i've been searching online sites for the perfect one, i haven't found one yet
but i like these pictures of them.


the other week while i was cleaning out my bedroom i found an old roll of film stuffed away in a box. i don't think i had used my film camera since my junior photo class, so i was really excited to see what could be on the film. today i finally took it in to get developed & to my excitement the film was from a trip to italy & switzerland my family took the summer after my sophomore year of high school. the pictures were fun to go through, i really liked these ones.

the twilight zone

my senior year of highschool a friend of mine forced me to watch the twilight zone marathon with him (it happens twice a year, january & july 1), & ever since i've loved it. not many people are that in to the twilight zone & not many people my age even know what it is, they just think you're talking about Twilight.. but it's nothing like that. before i came home for a summer my friend proposed the idea of having a twilight zone marathon since we both love it. we kicked it off monday night & got 7 episodes in, that's right. we dedicated 3.5 hours of our lives to straight twilight zone & it was amazing. i can't wait to watch some more. the show is just so great. it's creepy/eery, it's got the old scary vibe,  unlike today's scary movies that are all about gore. it's actually artistic & makes you think. i admit, i don't understand the idea behind some of the episodes, but i love watching it none the less. not to mention the beginning, it's such a perfect sound & rod serling's voice is amazing. some episodes just stick with you. what are your favorites?
think about it.

home tweet home


lately i've been really fond of sequins. sequined dresses, sequined shorts, sequined shoes.. anything with a little sparkle. normally i'm not into something so out there but what's not to love about some sparkle? 


i fell in love with this jewelry the moment i saw it on i art u. i love how they are simple but different, bright but not too flashy.. plus they're affordable. what could be better? i would love have these to adorn my fingers and wear round my neck. check out the shop here & the designers blog here 


i am loving these cambridge satchels & their brightness

rainbow house

this house straight out of alice in wonderland. it's crazy.

The Rainbow House, London from Ab Rogers Design on Vimeo.

house of turquoise

while paroozing architecture blog  today i came across the house of turquoise & their spotlight on deisgner holly dyment. i love the design she did on this house & all of the color. it looks so lively & fun, definitely a place i would like to be. i'm always one for colorful decorating & she does it perfectly without fear of putting different patterns/colors together. 

Dirty Gold

recently came across this band & really liked them.

"I like the dark part of the night, after midnight and before four-thirty, when it’s hollow, when ceilings are harder and farther away. Then I can breathe, and can think while others are sleeping, in a way can stop time, can have it so – this has always been my dream – so that while everyone else is frozen, I can work busily about them, doing whatever it is that needs to be done, like the elves who make the shoes while children sleep."

~ Dave Eggers. Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

betsy & iya

i love this brand of jewelry. they have multiple different collections, but their orgins collection is by far my favorite. i love the simple designs on the discs. such has a clean look with an edge to it. their stuff is pretty different from jewelry designs i've seen lately. check them out here .

what i wore

today was my first day of work at anthropologie. i was nervous & excited to start, plus i had to find something to wear which was scary in itself.. anyways, work was great. i'm excited to go back & actually work rather than training. it's a such a creative work environment, always so much going on. i feel like i really learned a lot about the store & company today which makes me that much more excited to be working there.

undershirt: abercrombie & fitch, tshirt: american apparel
 vest: j.crew, pants: free people, boots: frye

top: free people, pants: joe's jeans, shoes: sperry topsiders, glasses: prada

blazer & black bracelets: j.crewm top: urban outfitters, 
pants: free people, shoes (even though you can't see them): sperry topsiders, watch: toy watch

sweater: free people, tank: not sure, jeans: rich & skinny, boots: not sure


while i was in brugge with the ladies, we came across an extremely quirky looking shop that we thought would be interesting to check out. this store had some of the weirdest yet coolest household items. i was pretty enthralled with everything they had to offer, especially a nose statue i stumbled upon. you slide the legs of your glasses in-between the nose & the stand and you've got yourself a lovely glasses holder. i love these things. they're funny & it makes sense, especially for someone that loses glasses cases as soon as they get them (me) plus, they're cute.
i haven't been able to find these exact nose eyeglass holders, but there are a load of different variations. click here to check some of them out!