da ma

she knows by many different names: jolyn, jo, mama jo, grandma jojo
she has many different titles: mom, da ma (according to my phone), sister, aunt, grandma, friend, daughter.
i'm pretty sure she is the most amazing lady i know & i am lucky to have her as my ma.  
happy mothers day! hope you enjoy it! love you to the moon & back.
with baby charlie, 2009

with rus in peru, 2008

with me at my high school graduation, 2007

with my sister & future sister-in-law in Amsterdam, 2011

Beriln, 2009

The Netherlands, 2011

with me & rus at Machu Picchu, Peru, 2008

with willie & kelly, Switzerland, 2005

she's a world traveler, along many other great things. 

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