spring clean

this past week whit has been here. it's been a lot of fun. 
tuesday: picked her up from airport. got lunch with my bro. went to a movie with my ma.
wednesday: went to spin class. went to lunch with my ma & her bowling team. shopped a little at the mall. i had a job interview at this place. went to another movie.
thursday: we three girls went down to my sisters place. got waffles at bruxies in orange. went shopping with the ladies.
friday: woke up & both decided i needed to de-clutter my room to de-clutter my life (whit had some fancy yogi thing behind this thought, i don't remember. i just agreed cause my room hadn't changed since i was in 5th grade). we started to de-clutter. took a break & went to yet another movie. went to see where my bro & his fiance are having their wedding reception (it's beautiful!). went out to dinner.
we had a relaxing & busy past few days. it's always so much fun when whit comes to town. & her help cleaning my room was perfect.i said goodbye to my barbies & stuffed animals that lined my room. threw out some stuff, but put the goods up in my closest. cleaned out & organized my closet so i could fit all of my clothes in their with room to spare. reorganized my book shelves & made it look nicer & a lot tidier. it was a whirlwind of a day. we did a lot of cleaning. lucky for me i had whits motivation to keep me going, otherwise i would have stopped half way through & called it good (i have a lazy side). my room looks a 10000x's better. a good deep spring cleaning is always necessary. 

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