under the sea

the other day a couple of friends came by my house & one of them had this starfish ring on. i feel in love as soon as i saw it. i love the ocean, starfish are one of my favorite.. along with octopuses, coral, seahorses.. those kind of things. instantly i had to ask where she got the ring & much to my surprise she got it from Lucky Brand. i forget a lot of the time that Lucky makes great bags & jewelry because i don't go in there .. ever really. Lucky always has such a different feel & look to their jewelry, it's all really cool. while i was searching their site for this ring i found some other little numbers that i like, they have a real sea theme happening with their jewelry & i couldn't be more pleased. plus, i found out there is a matching cuff bracelet to this ring. hopefully i'll be sport this pretty little number on my finger & it's sister on my wrist one day soon.

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