last wednesday my friends & i went beach camping.
i'm going to go out on a limb & say beach camping is the best kind of camping.
it was a lovely couples retreat.
couple 1: nick & shayshay couple 2: matt & courtney couple 3: me & traci.
luckily for me traci agreed in coming camping, otherwise i would have been the total 5th wheel.
we all had a blast. we went down to onofre state beach so the boys could surf in the am.
it was already dark when we got there, so we got down to business.
we (the boys) pitched the tent, we (the boys) lit a fire, & we (the girls) made soo many s'mores.
then the boys serenaded us & we told spoooooky stories before we went to sleep.
all the necessities for a perfect camping trip.
matt, nick & pup

i think we love each
other more than the we love the boys
shayla, courtney, traci & me

couples retreat 2011
nick & shayla, matt & courtney, traci & me + pup

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