what i wore

i've been terrible at taking photos lately! i get caught up in doing things that i just forget. unfortunately this week i haven't had that many reasons to really get dressed besides church, i've just been lounging around. but i did find a photo i forgot to post of a wedding outfit! so that's good. gives a little more excitement to this what i wore post. 

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to church i go!
skirt & sweater: anthropologie
shirt (it's actually a dress, i justed tucked it in): urban outfitters
shoes: seychelles
pinky ring: byu bookstore, middle rings: sundance,
pointer: pearl-greece, ruby- borrowed
pointer: j.crew, middle: lola bella
glasses: chanel 
 to dinner i go!
jean jacket: free people
v neck: j.crew
pants: g star
shoes: all stars
glasses: chanel
to my friends wedding i go!
skirt: anthropologie
shirt: free people
necklace & bracelets: j.crew
watch: cartier
to run errands i go!
shirt: urban outfitters
jeans: rich & skinny


  1. are you freakin' kidding me?!? I LOVE all of these outfits!!! The first one if my fave though, plus the green pencil skirt. I seriously love your style!

  2. Love each outfit -
    Green pencil skirt is my fave too.

  3. The green pencil skirt is fantastic!

  4. Cute, CUte, CUTe, CUTE!!!!! Fashion A++++

  5. i am a sucker for polka dots...i love it!