murder mystery

last night i went to a 20's themed murder mystery dinner party & it was so much fun. everybody was assigned characters with a background story & secret information that we weren't allowed to tell anyone until we arrived. everyone was really into it, everyone had great costumes & really got into character. it was crazy to hear about everyones character stories & what information they knew after the party.. there were so many side stories happening that i had no clue about. my role was baroness ravioli, father of don "big jim" ravioli. big jim was the first one murdered so his murderer was who we were trying to figure out. it was really fun. i found 2 weapon cards so i even got to murder people. we could black mail, pay people off,  whatever we wanted to receive information. in total the game took a little less than 2 hours, and was completely worth it.  
 we played in an apartment building that requires a key, or for you to be buzzed into the elevator that opens right to the apartment. right by the end, the elevator door opened and in the corner was a naked baby doll that was distorted & partially melted. everyone was freaked out & couldn't figure out who it was or how they got into the elevator. a few minutes later someone came running through the apartment with a hockey goalie mask and hoodie. of course all of us girls screamed, and some of the boys looked nervous but a few of them were in on the prank & laughing. turns out it was one of the hosts brothers & his girlfriend playing a prank on us. pretty good. 
the whole gang
tayler {guilda gusieppi} & nate {capo "toto" tequilla}
ashley {vicky ravioli} & jake {sly sleaze}
the ladies of the evening 
grayson {u.s. congressman darrin toosteal} & brittany {mary toosteal}
austin {inspector "the nose" nutella} & me {baroness ravioli}

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