i took an art class this past semester. every week we worked on a project, sometimes it would take two weeks. but all in all i'm going to say we did about 8 projects. apparently i took pictures of two actual projects & one drawing in my sketch book. i need to be more diligent about documenting these things...
the one drawing i have a picture of that i doodled in my sketchbook 

my final project. it had to illustrate a dream. either a dream we have about the future, or an actual dream. this is taken from a dream that i have had. the hands symbolize the character trying to reach someone/something that they can't, & the black dripping paint illustrates the feelings i have after i wake up & think about my dream. i start off remembering it really well, but throughout the day & over the time it changes and parts start to fade away. 
this project was on rhythm. we were supposed to create something based off of a song & show the movement we felt when listening to the song. the song i chose is linus space head by the wavves, & the lyric i wrote says :
my feet are asleep, my hands chained to clouds.
my toes, are marble stones sinking in the sand.
i'm stuck in the sky i'm never coming down.

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