braided lady

to put it simply: i love braids. it's my go-to look when i want something fast. pony tails never stay in my hair and bun tend to be difficult at times. the braid is just right. regular braid, french braid, fish tail, you name  it, i've tried it. my latest task,  & now accomplishment was the heidi braid. i've wondered how people get their hair to wrap perfectly into this braided style & have been playing around with it & i finally figured out how to make it work for me. & possibly you, if you're willing to try! sorry my pictures aren't very good.. i only had my iPhone & a hotel bathroom mirror & lighting.. it's not the best.

i'll try & take more pictures next time to create more of a tutorial. but to put it simply i started a french braid on the left side of my hair, and continued a french braid around near the edges of my hair circling around my hair and then pinned the braid down wrapping it onto of the start of the braid.. make sense? 

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