we used to have dinner club every tuesday night, but we recently changed it to thursday night because jake started a class on tuesday nights. but this week everyone was a little busy, & thursday just wasn't cutting it, so instead of dinner night we had game night & we played dominoes. any of you out there that are related to bagley's or even know the bagley family know how much we love our dominoes. it was really fun & it got really exciting. 
austin had asked to use one of my rings as his "penny" 
because there weren't enough. a couple of rounds 
later i looked over after he made a move 
& i spotted this beauty
i instantly made my move, reached over so fast (i was so fast i was blurry) 
to grab it, put it on my finger without thinking & yelled... 
"it's mine!" (i couldn't help myself)
instantly started hugging & kissing him i was so excited. 
i couldn't believe it. i had no idea that it was going to happen.
he somehow managed between my attacking his face 
& squeezing him to actually ask me to marry him.. 
 & thats how austin & i got engaged. 
i cannot explain how excited & happy i am. 
i even teared up. i'm the luckiest girl in the entire world 
& can't wait to spend the rest of forever with this boy


  1. I love that story!! I love that you were playing dominos, i love the ring and I love your face!! So happy for you two!!!!!

  2. oh my goodness!! CONGRATULATIONS. i love how simple and laid back the engagement was. what a sweet surprise. xoxo. hooray for you! now i can't wait to meet him.

  3. such a cute story. I'm so excited for you. YEAAAAA!

  4. what a fun way to become engaged! love the pictures, thanks for sharing the excitement. can't wait to see your beautiful ring! love, aunt polly

  5. I love that engagement story! And your ring is gorgeous, just perfect for you! Congratulations!

  6. congratulations!!! megan told me aout it this morning! your ring looks sooooo pretty!!!!!