road trip: mix

every once in a while austin has to go out of town over the weekends for his job,
(mostly just to idaho)
yesterday he had to go to pocatello.
thursday night i was over at his house while he was packing & getting ready to go
& i always say that i'm going to make him new cd's (i've heard all of his a lot)
so i decided to finally make him a couple cd's for his road trip.
some songs are old, some are new & some are purely to take him by surprise
(i wouldn't let him look at what i was putting on it)

1. Jens Lekman: a promise
2. Kanye West & JAY Z: ni**as in paris
3. The Replacements: androgynous
4. Kanye West & JAY Z: gotta have it
5. Sea Wolf: you're a wolf
6. The Barr Brothers: beggar in the morning
7. Jónsi: go do
8. Murder by Death: '52 ford
9. Birdy: 1901
10. Rilo Kiley: silver lining
11. Neutral Milk Hotel: king of carrot flowers part 1
12. Foals: the french open
13. Her Space Holiday: something to do with my hands
14. Fanfarlo: harold t. wilkins, or how to wait for a very long time
15. Walk Off the Earth: somebody that i used to know
16. Le Tigre: deceptacon
17. Morrissey: sunny
18. Foster the People: don't stop (color on the walls)
19. Saturday Looks Good To Me: meet me by the water
20. Dr. Dog: get away

1. Journey: don't stop believing 
2. The Shins: fall of '82
3. The Lemonheads: the outdoor type
4. M83: ok pal
5. Kings of Convenience: misread
6. Mason Jennings: i love you & buddha too
7. Grandaddy: stray dog & the chocolate shake
8: Local Natives: camera talk
9. Pinback: good to sea
10. Islands: rough gem
11. Led Zeppelin: d'yer maker
12. Beirut: goshen
13. Grateful Dead: truckin'
14. Notorious B.I.G. + The XX: a juicy intro (ha! yes remix)
15. Big Sean feat. Nicki Minage : dance (a$$)
16. Neutral Milk Hotel: in the airplane over the sea
17. Camera Obscura: you told a lie
18. D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: summertime
19. Johnny Cash: 25 minutes to go
20. The Magnetic Fields: 10,000 fireflies

toms for me feet

i love the new styles, patterns & fabrics toms have been coming out with,
especially these ones!
they are the perfect summer shoe
& i cannot wait to wear them around town

engagements: the favorites

today i got the rest of our engagements in the mail! 
i was so excited to see them & i love love love them so much. 
they are exactly what i wanted: bright, fun & colorful. 
i've had so much fun going through & looking at all of them.
i like so many of the photos, but these are some of my absolute favorites.
the photographer did a great job at capturing what austin & i are like.
there are a lot of us laughing, which i love. it was really hard for us to try & pull a serious or more natural face because we kept giggling, but i think the giggles worked in our favor. 

skulls + dishes

every day, when i first go onto the internet, there are a few specific sites i always check:
this morning would i went onto pinterest, i saw these & died.
for those of you who are unaware, i'm really into skulls.
i don't know why, or how this interest even started, but it did.
i obviously spent a good portion of the day searching for these plates, or at least similar ones.
& i found a few different variations.
& here.
let me just say, if anyone is in the market for buying me a gift,
(wedding, birthday, just because you love me),
i would be the happiest  girl if it was some of these plates.

hunger games

to put it simply, i loved the hunger games movie. it makes me want to re-read all of the books & give them a second chance. when i read the books, about two years ago, i had heard so much about them, how amazing they were, that i got sort of let down once i finished them. i think i may have judged them to harshly. 
i thought the movie was amazing though. all of the characters were perfect & i cannot wait for the other movies to come out! throughout the movie i thought all of the music kept catching my ear, so once i got home i looked up the soundtrack & i had to get it (i love soundtracks).
i was surprised by some of the artists, i didn't realize how many people worked on this soundtrack, it turned out so awesome. i highly recommend it. i especially love the song just a game by birdy. 
i was so excited to see her name on the artists. 
i have loved birdy since i heard her skinny love cover last year, but i haven't heard too much hype on her since. i'm happy she's getting noticed because she has such an amazing sound!

the girls with glasses

the other night, 
when i couldn't sleep, 
i was looking at different blogs
& while i was looking at see jane jot
i instantly fell in love with their blog.
they're so fun & cute & interesting.
one girl is a magazine editor, the other a singer/songwriter.
they share insights on fashion, beauty, music,
& so many other things.
i highly recommend you check it out


our engagements are finally done & on the way for austin & i to see. 
i am so excited about this. 
i saw a sneak peak of a few of our photos on their blog,
the photos they posted are so perfect.
it's exciting to see how it all turned out.
we both loved working with our photographer & we had so much fun. 
i cannot wait to see how they all turned out!

life engaged

i have been engaged for one month & seven days. engaged life hasn't been too bad, just a little more time consuming. my days are now filled with looking online for anything & everything. cakes, flowers, dresses, jewelry, kitchen supplies, bedding, beds, apartments, houses, shoes, invitations, sheets, dishes, photographers, reception centers.. you name it, i am & have looked at it.. probably about 100x's. it's a lot to have constantly burning on the back of my mind while going to school & writing papers all of the time.
in the first 5 days of engaged life i got my dress, booked a reception location, found photographers & registered. i was feeling on top of it all & then all the details came into play.. & my colors changed a couple of times.. as did bridesmaids outfits. 
a month into engaged life we took our engagements, made a video, got invitations made, chose cake flavors, chose the final flowers & the bridesmaids dresses. i've left all of the little details the the end. table cloth colors, reception favors, cake design & color, seating arrangements, reception food, grooms & groomsmen's ties (bow ties or normal ties?), bridesmaids shoes, my shoes, where we go on our honeymoon (woot woot!)... 
all these fun little details are what i get to plan next. it's been fun & a bit tiring at times. it's all coming together wonderfully though & hopefully continues to do so. this friday is my first shower & is my family shower. i am so excited! & then another the week after with just my girlfriends.

picture galore

here is a picture overload of my break

spring break

the past week & a half has been crazy
austin, ashley & i all drove down to california for spring break & some major wedding planning
everyday we did a lot of things for it, which was good but it was a lot! 
friday i got my hair done & we went to see the reception center in person for the first time
i absolutely love it. it's going to be so beautiful. 
saturday we took our engagement pictures at the santa monica pier
i cannot wait to see what they look like
monday we went to neptunes net with reilly & hung out at the beach for a bit
tuesday we filmed a video to possibly show at our wedding
we talked about how we met & got engaged & then they followed us around doing fun things
wednesday we went to disneyland! i think that was my favorite part 
it was so fun, we met with kelly & her family & our cousin gabi!
thursday we went to the florist to talk about arrangements (they're going to be beautiful)
& cake tasting, they were all so delicious.
after all of that we headed to joshua tree to meet up with a group of our friends for camping & rock climbing
it was really fun. sadly it started to get stormy so we had to leave a day early, but it was really fun.
so we had a lot going on within one week
& now back in snowy, cold utah for school

i love skulls

i don't know where my likeness/obsession began, but i'm real into skulls & skeletons
to put it simply, i just love them. 
i've got quite the collection of items going on too.
i have a skull on my desk, skull necklace, 
dancing skeleton sweater (not the grateful dead dancing skeleton, but i'm in the market for one of those too)
a skeleton painting i did over my bed, a skull ring, & quite a few pairs of skull/skeleton socks.
the newest addition is a beloved skull blouse.
a couple girls i became friends with while working at anthro both had it & i couldn't help but get one too.
the only issue is i could not find it anywhere online, or in utah
so i had to recruit shannon to hunt it down for me
luckily, we found it, she bought it, gave it to my mom & she gave it to me.
i could not have been more excited to get my little hands on it
& i love it. 


i've been a big fan of m.i.a. for the past 6 years. 
ever since i saw her at vegoose & heard her song paper planes. 
it's still the same. i'm all about her new song bad girls
& her ghetto fab style. 
to put it simply, m.i.a. is a 
agree to disagree

princess 1/2

two weekends ago my mom & i flew to florida to meet with kelly & kristen for the princess 1/2 marathon!
it was a lot of fun & really cool to see the differences between disneyland & disneyworld.
saturday morning we all did a 5 k with jo around epcot. it was really fun! epcot shows all different parts of the world so it's really cool to wander around, plus, it wasn't open during the 5k so it was cool to see it without anyone else really there.
(an england morning in epcot)
we then went to the magic kingdom & finished early so we could all rest before the big race.
it was a lot different running this race for a few reasons
1. i wasn't sick
2. i had actual running shoes
3. i didn't have my running partner along side me
& 4. i had no idea where i was, unlike the race at disneyland
i've decided i like racing. i don't like running, but i like racing.
theres such a hype once you start going and you see all the other racers! 
kelly signed me up for the disneyland race in september which i'm pretty excited about.
i'm even considering training this time around. i think it would be beneficial
me & kris after running the race (i was minnie mouse, she was belle)