hunger games

to put it simply, i loved the hunger games movie. it makes me want to re-read all of the books & give them a second chance. when i read the books, about two years ago, i had heard so much about them, how amazing they were, that i got sort of let down once i finished them. i think i may have judged them to harshly. 
i thought the movie was amazing though. all of the characters were perfect & i cannot wait for the other movies to come out! throughout the movie i thought all of the music kept catching my ear, so once i got home i looked up the soundtrack & i had to get it (i love soundtracks).
i was surprised by some of the artists, i didn't realize how many people worked on this soundtrack, it turned out so awesome. i highly recommend it. i especially love the song just a game by birdy. 
i was so excited to see her name on the artists. 
i have loved birdy since i heard her skinny love cover last year, but i haven't heard too much hype on her since. i'm happy she's getting noticed because she has such an amazing sound!

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