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i have been engaged for one month & seven days. engaged life hasn't been too bad, just a little more time consuming. my days are now filled with looking online for anything & everything. cakes, flowers, dresses, jewelry, kitchen supplies, bedding, beds, apartments, houses, shoes, invitations, sheets, dishes, photographers, reception centers.. you name it, i am & have looked at it.. probably about 100x's. it's a lot to have constantly burning on the back of my mind while going to school & writing papers all of the time.
in the first 5 days of engaged life i got my dress, booked a reception location, found photographers & registered. i was feeling on top of it all & then all the details came into play.. & my colors changed a couple of times.. as did bridesmaids outfits. 
a month into engaged life we took our engagements, made a video, got invitations made, chose cake flavors, chose the final flowers & the bridesmaids dresses. i've left all of the little details the the end. table cloth colors, reception favors, cake design & color, seating arrangements, reception food, grooms & groomsmen's ties (bow ties or normal ties?), bridesmaids shoes, my shoes, where we go on our honeymoon (woot woot!)... 
all these fun little details are what i get to plan next. it's been fun & a bit tiring at times. it's all coming together wonderfully though & hopefully continues to do so. this friday is my first shower & is my family shower. i am so excited! & then another the week after with just my girlfriends.

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