princess 1/2

two weekends ago my mom & i flew to florida to meet with kelly & kristen for the princess 1/2 marathon!
it was a lot of fun & really cool to see the differences between disneyland & disneyworld.
saturday morning we all did a 5 k with jo around epcot. it was really fun! epcot shows all different parts of the world so it's really cool to wander around, plus, it wasn't open during the 5k so it was cool to see it without anyone else really there.
(an england morning in epcot)
we then went to the magic kingdom & finished early so we could all rest before the big race.
it was a lot different running this race for a few reasons
1. i wasn't sick
2. i had actual running shoes
3. i didn't have my running partner along side me
& 4. i had no idea where i was, unlike the race at disneyland
i've decided i like racing. i don't like running, but i like racing.
theres such a hype once you start going and you see all the other racers! 
kelly signed me up for the disneyland race in september which i'm pretty excited about.
i'm even considering training this time around. i think it would be beneficial
me & kris after running the race (i was minnie mouse, she was belle) 


  1. Glad you're going to train...about august 15th to start? Hahaha

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