road trip: mix

every once in a while austin has to go out of town over the weekends for his job,
(mostly just to idaho)
yesterday he had to go to pocatello.
thursday night i was over at his house while he was packing & getting ready to go
& i always say that i'm going to make him new cd's (i've heard all of his a lot)
so i decided to finally make him a couple cd's for his road trip.
some songs are old, some are new & some are purely to take him by surprise
(i wouldn't let him look at what i was putting on it)

1. Jens Lekman: a promise
2. Kanye West & JAY Z: ni**as in paris
3. The Replacements: androgynous
4. Kanye West & JAY Z: gotta have it
5. Sea Wolf: you're a wolf
6. The Barr Brothers: beggar in the morning
7. Jónsi: go do
8. Murder by Death: '52 ford
9. Birdy: 1901
10. Rilo Kiley: silver lining
11. Neutral Milk Hotel: king of carrot flowers part 1
12. Foals: the french open
13. Her Space Holiday: something to do with my hands
14. Fanfarlo: harold t. wilkins, or how to wait for a very long time
15. Walk Off the Earth: somebody that i used to know
16. Le Tigre: deceptacon
17. Morrissey: sunny
18. Foster the People: don't stop (color on the walls)
19. Saturday Looks Good To Me: meet me by the water
20. Dr. Dog: get away

1. Journey: don't stop believing 
2. The Shins: fall of '82
3. The Lemonheads: the outdoor type
4. M83: ok pal
5. Kings of Convenience: misread
6. Mason Jennings: i love you & buddha too
7. Grandaddy: stray dog & the chocolate shake
8: Local Natives: camera talk
9. Pinback: good to sea
10. Islands: rough gem
11. Led Zeppelin: d'yer maker
12. Beirut: goshen
13. Grateful Dead: truckin'
14. Notorious B.I.G. + The XX: a juicy intro (ha! yes remix)
15. Big Sean feat. Nicki Minage : dance (a$$)
16. Neutral Milk Hotel: in the airplane over the sea
17. Camera Obscura: you told a lie
18. D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: summertime
19. Johnny Cash: 25 minutes to go
20. The Magnetic Fields: 10,000 fireflies

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