oh, alice

fun fact about me:
i absolutely love everything about alice in wonderland


left to right: 
me & charlie
7 peaks pass with all my friends
the tower of terror (not all of us loved it)
neon soles 
dinoland for dinner
sparkle shoes & maxi skirt
expedition everest @ walt disney world
our kitchen, painted & ready to be filled!
butterfly i spotted at epcot
the daily bracelets

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walt disney world weekend

a couple months ago my sister got invited to attend a blogger conference at walt disney world
& my mom & i got invited to tag along & help out with the kiddos.
while kelly goes to the conference, we go all over walt disney world with the kids.
yesterday we spent the day at the animal kingdom, 
kelly met up with us in the afternoon
& we went on rides, a safari, & met some characters.
one really cool thing about this conference is every night they have 
event dinners, where the families are invited.
the dinners are like a party.
yesterdays was at the animal kingdom after hours.
we were the only people there, with a dj,
access to dinoland & it's rides & games,
& mount everest.
it was awesome.
there were no lines, & we could go
as many times as we wanted.
they also had an amazing dessert table
where you could make your own strawberry shortcake.
i loved it!

today was the last day of the conference, so kelly ended before we even got out of bed.
we then spent the day at epcot.
ever since we came here in february for the princess 1/2 
i've thought epcot was a pretty neat place. for anyone who haven't been here, 
let me tell you a little about it. there is a lake/pond in the middle of epcot, where they shoot off fireworks & have boat rides & such. 
all around the lake are different countries like england, france, south mexico, 
haiti, italy & a few others. 
it's really cool going through all of the different countries because they 
really make you feel like you are there. they sell different drinks, 
candies & knick knacks per country. 
we had fun in england looking in the tea shop at all of their cute teapots & teacups 
(i'm a sucker for tea paraphernalia) 
& getting some of our favorite english candies!

& the dinner tonight was at walt disney worlds new animation resort.
the resort hasn't opened yet, but will this may.
it was really, really cool to see before it was open!
they have drawings & sketches from movies all over the walls,
& is extremely colorful.
the rooms have different themes, 
like finding nemo, cars & the little mermaid.
it a lot of fun!

crazy life

this has been a long week. (i know, i've been saying that a lot lately) with finals coming to an end, a switch in my major, packing up to move, unpacking & packing again, it's due to be a little tedious. i'm just thankful to say it's all over. 
this was austin & my last week together before he comes to california for the wedding. i can't believe how soon it's all coming. we both were extremely busy, but we tried to see each other as much as we could before i had to leave. we finished painting our kitchen & most of the loft on tuesday after our humanities final. we were both over being in the in-between stage. i love it. the color is so fresh, clean & happy! it was a good pick & will be perfect once we have all of our things in place. after painting all day long, we went to trafalga with nick & shayla, their cousin parker, & my cousin katie. it was a lot of fun! we went on the go-carts probably 7x's, played mini-golf, went on the carousel (shayla & my choice), & played a gigantic game of laser tag. afterwards, we went to denny's for shakes & breakfast.
wednesday ashley & i went to salt lake to my dress fitting. i hadn't seen my dress since they day we bought it back in february & i was beyond excited to see it with the sleeve addition. i'd been having a hard time imaging what it would look like, but it is perfect beyond belief. plus, it fits like a glove! all that we need to have down is have it hemmed & a bustle added. i can't wait to wear it on our wedding day & for ausin to see it, it's kind of been killing me keeping it from him! afterwards i moved all of my clothes to our new apartment & got them as organized as i could, & finished cleaning out the rest of my apartment (with some help) so i wouldn't have to worry about it this morning, at my 9 o'clock checkout. 
today i cleaned a little more, packed my suitcase for disneyworld, home & honeymoon, & went to my last final. ashley & jake came by to say bye, & austin drove me off to the airport. it was sad having to leave everyone even though it's just a month, it feels like it will be a lot longer. but i know it will go by fast.
the next time i see austin he'll be down for the wedding
the next time i see nick & shayla will be at our wedding,
& the next time i see ashley & jake, they'll have a little baby!

weekend away from finals

my life has been non-stop ever since last tuesday
when i found out i had written down the due date for my final paper wrong.
i wrote: april 26, 2012. it was really april 19, 2012.
(good thing my day planner arrived so i no longer will have these issues)
i had a two day timespan to write my 25 page paper
(luckily i got it done in time)
my mom came into town on wednesday night for my cousin whits baby shower 
& my bridal shower from austin's family
thursday i went to see my mom on thursday i got a great surprise
of my bff shannon being here too!
friday shannon & i headed down to provo in the early morning
for me to turn in my paper & to show off the new apartment
(it's coming together beautifully! we're almost done painting!)
we then got lunch with our friend ashley, & headed 
back to salt lake to hang with jo & whit.
we met with them at ikea where we got couches for me & austin.
saturday was shower day.
we went to whit's baby shower that was full of delicious foods
cute decor & all my lovely cousins to catch up with
& we then went to my bridal shower that was so cute
with games, decorations & new family for me to meet!
Sunday was shannons birthday!
we celebrated her birthday with one of our greatest friends blake (who we went to europe with)
& got a sunday brunch at eggs in the city before she & jo
had to fly out.
& now it's back to studying & papers before i finish school this week!


left to right:
we got gelato with nick & shayla, ashley & jake
picking paint colors for our kitchen!
new favorite nail polish: green

great chapstick name
austin & christian during the earthquake drill we had... in college..
tulips are blooming all over provo
austin & i now have our own cake toppers
shannon came up to surprise me!

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surprise! surprise!

(shan & me in italy)
this week i got a big surprise.
my mom and best friend, shannon, had been planning for her to come up & 
surprise me for my bridal shower!
thursday night my mom told me her luggage hadn't made it on the plane with her 
so we needed to go get it from the airport.
i went in to grab her bag & surprise! shannon was there!
i was so excited & happy.
definitely one of the best surprises.
especially of my insane week of
 studying, writing, moving, writing, & studying. 
with finals taking place i haven't had much time for anything else. 
i've been pretty stressed from all of it & i couldn't wait for the weekend 
for my mom to come visit & it was made the much better
with shannon being here too!

race mix

this upcoming weekend my sister is running the ragnar.
whenever i run, i think it's essential to have good pump songs to run to
that you can sing along to, or to keep you pumped up.
she asked me a few days ago if i could make her a playlist
for her long run. 
she gets to run a total of 40 miles, 
on & off. hopefully this mix helps her stay 

1. Electric Light Orchestra- don't bring me down
2. M83- ok pal
3. Cali Swag District- teach me how to dougie
4. Passion Pit- little secrets
5. Edward Sharpe- home (whole-z remix)
6. Canned Heat- going up the country
7. Crystal Castles- Vanished
8 M83- midnight city
9. Paul Simon- you can call me al
10. Temper Trap- sweet disposition
11. Wham!- wake me up before you go-go
12. Le Tigre- deceptacon
13. Best Coast- the only place
14. Empire of the Sun- walking on a dream
15. Santigold- Shove it
16- Wavves- baby say goodbye
17. Journey- don't stop believing
18. Justice- on'n'on (ruined by rick rubin)
19- The Drums- money
20. Eddy Grant- electric avenue
21. Katy Perry- e.t. (feat. kanye west)
22. Kanye West & Jay Z - ni**as in paris
23. Kreayshawn- gucci gucci
24. Rihanna- you da one
25. Foster the People- don't stop (color on the walls)
26. Radical Face- welcome home
27. Florence + The Machine- shake it out
28. Survivor- eye of the tiger
29. Daft Punk- one more time
30. Girl Talk- let it out

blogger to blogger

alright bloggers.
yes, i have had my blog for a few years.
but i've never really taken to it or been very good at posting
until maybe a month ago, so i'm still learning
& i have a question for you!
how does one reply to comments!?
i don't have this option/feature when i look at comments people write
& i feel so rude leaving them all without any response! 
i so badly want to respond, answering questions & thanking you for even caring,
but i can't figure out how!
please help!


it all started when austin moved in across the street from me
 with a few boys i was friends with.
the first time i remember actually hanging out with austin was in his family room, 
with a group of people. 
he & his roommate, tanner, had just gotten back from camping for a few nights, 
& the first thing i heard him say was "yeah, i still haven't showered. it's been almost 3 days." 
& i thought, "huh. he's a boys boy." 
(whatever that means)
after i left that night tanner called to tell me that i had left my debit card there, 
& if i didn't come to get it soon, he would hide it from me so i would have to search. 
i went over a few hours later, but didn't get there soon enough.
i barged through the door & austin, sitting in the corner doing homework, looked up surprised at this random girl just walking in & asked "who are you?" so i did the same (with a little more attitude), "well, who are you?" 
& that's how it all started. 
after playing a game of hot & cold for me to find my debit card,
we talked for a few minutes, i read over his paper, & quickly added myself onto his Facebook. 
the next time i saw him, i was about to leave his house, 
but i had a feeling i should go & say bye to austin. 
i walked upstairs, where he was watching a movie, & we ended up talking for nearly 3 hours.
 i had learned we had nearly everything in common, & i knew there was something very different about this boy, but i didn't know what it was. 
i just knew that i wanted to get to know him more.
so i persisted. i messaged him on facebook, because i didn't have his number yet, 
& told him that we needed to go rock climbing. being the impatient person i am, i quickly got over facebook messaging & sent him my number. 
the next day we went climbing.
i had the biggest butterflies, but i also felt incredibly comfortable with him. i had never met anyone i could talk to so easily.
(he also liked the weird bands i like which is a sign of true love)
the next time we went climbing had a lot of firsts. 
it turned into our first official date, 
the first night we held hands, 
& our first kiss.
after that, the rest is history.
we spent every day together,
& fell in love.

bijou market

this past weekend went by so fast! i'm kind of sad to see it go, it was a fun one.
austin & i decided to spend friday in the library finishing up assignments for our easier classes, so that we would be able to use the next couple of weeks to focus on our big tests, papers & projects. 
we then went to the bijou market with shayla & nick. the market had loads of handmade decorations, jewelry, clothes, all sorts of things. shayla & i had a lot of fun looking around at all the good things they had for sell there while the boys played on their phones in the back. 
we both found some cute earrings & i got a water color of the l.a. temple.
i was excited about my picture purchase because it's the first thing i've bought for our new home & it's of the temple we're going to be married in! plus, it's really cute.
(you can check out her other temple paintings here!)
after the market, we went & burgers & shakes at sammy's.
i hadn't been there for so long!
i almost forgot how much i love their shakes.


saturday i helped host a baby shower for one of my best friends, ashley.
it's crazy exciting that she's having a baby! we've grown up our entire lives from the day i was born, doing everything together (seriously, everything).
sometimes i'm still shocked when i remember she's having a baby.
the little guy is due in less than 2 weeks & i could not be more excited for her & jake, or to meet the boy. it was a fun shower with lots of people & incredibly good food, thanks to our friends mom! ashley got a lot of good stuff & so many cute little clothes.
she's going to be such an incredible mom. 
left to right: kaitly, jamie, ashley, kirstine & amy
austin & i had planned to go classic skating with some friends after the shower,
so he met me in salt lake & we went to the skating rink.
i love classic skating, i'm horrible at it, but i love it. we had a lot of fun, especially austin & our friend christian who decided to make a classic skating documentary for our humanities class (i'll post it once i edit it all together).
all in all, it was a busy but very fun weekend.
& now only two more weeks of school, which really is only 4 more days! 

zou bisou bisou

i love mad men. 
earlier this year i started watching it on netflix
& i quickly became obsessed.
it's all i wanted to watch & i was sad when i finished the last episode netflix had to offer.
i anxiously awaited season 5 to start.
at first i thought i would wait for season 5 to come to netflix, since i don't have cable.
but i couldn't handle hearing about it & not watching.
so i ended up buying season 5 on iTunes. 
i could not have been more happy with my purchase.
season 5's first episode was great & i loved this scene.
i keep replaying this song in my head.

april showers

yesterday & today have been rainy days.
after all the warmth & sunshine we've been getting this month, i had hoped & thought that cold, wet days were over & done with. but i guess it's fitting for the month of april. i kind of like the rainy weather though. call me crazy, but there's a coziness about it that i love. 
despite the gray weather yesterday, i had a couple of things that brightened up my day i had gone to salt lake to run a couple errands & while i was there i got to see my cousin whitney. i love when we get to catch up on each others lives. she's going to make the best mama to her little baby girl! after that i made a quick stop at nordstrom's to make a big purchase i'd been considering for a couple weeks: lipstick. i'm not a girl that wears tons of makeup (at least i don't think i am), but i've really been into the idea of lipstick lately. i just think they look so fun & add a little pizazz to an ordinary outfit. so i took the plunge and bought two, very bright & bold lipsticks at the mac counter. i got ladybug red & impassioned hot pink. they're bright, they're fun, & i'm getting used to them. 
after my errands i treated myself to my favorite greek food restaurant & headed back to provo where i was greeted with a friends wedding invitation & a much anticipated etsy purchase. i came across the easy shop leyla cemal on a girls pinterest that i know & fell in love with the triangular shaped jewelry! i loved it & had to have one of the necklaces. i was so excited for it's arrival & it did not disappoint in the slightest & i was so excited to wear my new necklace to school today!
(triangle necklace & impassioned lipstick)
today was still gray & cloudy, but i loved it & took full advantage 
by wearing my rain boots & going on a drive through the canyon with austin. 
it was really nice just to drive with no destination, listening to good music, talking & 
looking at the trees & mountains. i love the way they look in the rain. 
after our drive a much needed nap took place (finals make me really tired) before we went to thursday dinner group. this was a special dinner group because ashley's mom is in town for ashley's baby shower that i'm giving her on saturday, so she kindly treated us all to dinner at the spaghetti factory. it was a lot of fun & really good. i'd never been there before, so it was fun trying somewhere new! 

kneader's for breakfast

yesterday morning austin & i went to kneader's for breakfast. 
it's always a good start to the day when your first class gets canceled
& you can go to breakfast instead.
we also found out that we got the apartment we really wanted!
it's a top level, studio with a loft apartment.
it's little, with vaulted ceilings so it's open.
a perfect place to start our adventure in.
we get to move our things in on monday, which is perfect
since i need to put my things somewhere while
i'm in california before the wedding.
we both can't wait to move in & get settled
& i'm extremely excited to decorate.
plus, i love decorating & arranging.
i can't believe how close it's all coming.
less than two months
& i'll be a

hip hip!

today is my lovely mama's birthday! 
i've been so lucky to have such an awesome & fun mom.
not only is she my mom, but one of my best friends
seriously she's the best & pretty rad.
she's traveled all over the world, she's the kindest lady i have ever met,
she laughs all of the time & is always happy.
she helps anyone in need without being asked & often times without them knowing.
i wish you the happiest birthday ma & wish i could be there to celebrate with you!
love you!

running lessons

never was i ever a runner. you can ask anyone that knows me & they'll tell you i always hated it. i used to walk the mile in high school for my p.e. class & tennis team. i refused to run.
sometimes i would go on runs with my friends around town or on the trails behind my house. they would push me & i kind of liked it. but i never liked running on my own.
last summer my sister convinced me to sign up for disney's tinker bell 1/2 marathon. i had every intention of training, but couldn't bring myself to run that far or often. the day of the race came & needless to say, it was extremely difficult. but...i kind of loved it.
there was such a hype! everyone was so excited, i definitely felt a rush. plus, there were a million other runners with me & i liked that. after that race i decided to sign up for disney's princess 1/2 marathon, which was a month later. once again, i didn't really train. but it was easier! my body knew what was going to come, & i still loved it!
i've now signed up for two more races in september & i'm actually training for these two. after racing & trying to train, i've realized it's not running i love. it's the race itself & how i feel afterwards. the vibe, the hype, the rush of the race. i love it. & i love pushing myself to do better every time.
every time i run now, i feel better & kind of stronger.
it's an awesome feeling.
running has taught me a lot about myself.
i did something i never imagined myself doing,
if you asked me a year ago if i would ever run any sort of marathon, i would have laughed & said no; but in this year alone i've already ran two! two more than i ever thought i would. so, i learned i can accomplish a lot. i just need to keep pushing myself.
i have also learned that i need to allow myself time. i'm the kind of girl who thinks i don't need to practice, prep, train, or whatever & that i can go out & do anything without any side affects.
i learned that i was very, very wrong.
yes, i can push through something & complete it, but it's not going to be easy.
there aren't a lot of short cuts you can actually take; especially when it comes to running. i need to stop expecting to do a great job when i didn't put the work & effort into training.
one of the best things i've learned though, is that running can completely clears my mind of whatever has been bothering me. it's one of the best stress releases, which is funny since running isn't necessarily my favorite. but every time i run, not only do i feel better about myself, but i feel clear headed & like i have everything figured out. & who doesn't like that feeling?

easter eggs

 yesterday afternoon i surprised austin with an easter basket.
full of candy & surprises, like any good 
easter basket would have.
& that night we dyed
easter eggs with
our friends.

happy easter!

coconut curry

last night for our weekly dinner group austin & i decided to make a coconut curry recipe that i had found on pinterest. i suggest you try it if you like curry because it's a really easy & delicious recipe!
here's what you need: 

3 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
2 t curry powder (we used extra to give it a richer flavor)
1 t salt
1/2 t pepper
1/4 t chili powder 
1 medium red onion, chopped
5 cloves of garlic, minced
2 jalapeƱo peppers, seeded & finely chopped 
1 T olive oil
one 14 ounce can of coconut milk
1 T cornstarch
1 T dried basil
1 t grated fresh ginger
3 cups of cooked rice

first you cut the chicken into little pieces & place them into a bowl. then stir together the curry, 1/2 t salt, pepper & chili powder. mix this into the bowl with the chicken, coating the it evenly. then cover, & let it chill for 1 to 2 hours.
you then stir onion, basil, garlic & peppers in a frying pan over medium-high with olive oil. heat until the onions are translucent, & add chicken & remaining 1/2 t salt. cook till chicken is done.
 last, combine coconut milk & cornstarch & whisk well to combine. you then add it to the skillet, stirring it around until it slightly thickens & stir in ginger. 
we served it over rice & picked up naan to go with it. 
pretty simple!

april jams

1. Joby Talbot: the french kid
2. M.I.A.: come around (feat. timbaland)
3. Arcade Fire: rococo
4. The Drums: money
5. Starf****r: rawnald gregory erickson the second
6. Eric Clapton: fall like rain
7. The Black Keys: dead and gone
8. Best Coast: the only place
9. Led Zeppelin: livin lovin movin
10. Band of Horses: the great salt lake
11. Old Crow Medicine Show: take 'em away
12. The Kooks: gap
13. Peter, Paul & Mary: i have a song to sing o!
14. Animal Collective: my girls
15. Mason Jennings: california part 2
16. Goldspot: float on
17. Simon & Garfunkel: mrs. robinson
18. Justice: on'n'on (ruined by rick rubin)
19. The Decemberists: rox in the box
20. The Rapture: how deep is your love?

stresses of an engaged student

my life has been a bit stressful lately. i've been extremely consumed with wedding planning. (it's kind of my main topic to talk about but i figure it only happens once in a girls life, so it's ok.. right?) i have spent a lot of time searching for the perfect this or that. & now that i have all of the big decisions made, i've been spending a lot of time picking out the details. i guess i never realized how difficult it can be to pick out wedding details. but the details are what tie it all together into one glorious event.
so now i'm trying to figure out the perfect wedding favor, the perfect way to display the favor, kinds of candy at the candy bar, packaging for candy at the candy bar, furniture pieces to use at the reception venue, linen colors (thanks to my mom, those have been decided), centerpieces, how to display the centerpieces, what frames to use to put up pictures of austin & i at the reception...
it's a lot of work. but i kind of am really loving doing it. the hardest part is narrowing everything i've ever wanted into one wedding & making it blend. i keep telling austin if we could get married 5 times i would, so i could plan 5 different weddings.
on top of the wedding planning is school. this semester crept by without my realizing it. i can't believe that it's already time for finals, it's kind of nerve-racking. this time of the year always stresses me out & makes me a little worried. so having the option of wedding planning or studying, isn't the best combination for me. i've already gone over my issues with procrastinating, so it's probably no surprise that i often pick wedding planning over studying. needless to say, i'm excited that it is april for a few reasons:
1. finals are over soon
2. i get a month of relaxation (when i'm not planning & working out details)
3. we get married in less than two months

spring snowboarding

with the temperature rising, we decided to take in our last snow day, & whats a better way than with a group of friends? saturday some friends & i decided we needed to go snowboarding together, & i'm pretty sure it was the last day of the season for me. i've never been spring snowboarding, or snowboarding on a warm day, but today it was a toasty 55 degrees. there wasn't a whole lot of snow on the mountain, but what was there was slushy & really fun. i'm kind of sad to see snowboarding season go (even though there wasn't much of one this year), but i'm excited for the summer. with summer comes: swimming, more climbing & tans. plus, i'm getting married in the summer.

out comes the sun

the past few days have been beautiful, sunny & warm. it's been great. no need for jackets, heavy scarves, beanies... just lightweight spring clothing. i love have been soaking it up. yesterday our friends jake & grayson invited austin & i to go climbing up rock canyon to enjoy the weather; so we hurried home after school, changed, got the gear together & headed up to join them along with ashley, shayla & nick. the girls mostly sat talking, like we do so well, & watched the boys do their thing. i attempted a climb, but it just didn't really work out for me. it was so nice to be out in the warmth with friends. it really made all of us so excited for summer (just a couple more weeks!).