april showers

yesterday & today have been rainy days.
after all the warmth & sunshine we've been getting this month, i had hoped & thought that cold, wet days were over & done with. but i guess it's fitting for the month of april. i kind of like the rainy weather though. call me crazy, but there's a coziness about it that i love. 
despite the gray weather yesterday, i had a couple of things that brightened up my day i had gone to salt lake to run a couple errands & while i was there i got to see my cousin whitney. i love when we get to catch up on each others lives. she's going to make the best mama to her little baby girl! after that i made a quick stop at nordstrom's to make a big purchase i'd been considering for a couple weeks: lipstick. i'm not a girl that wears tons of makeup (at least i don't think i am), but i've really been into the idea of lipstick lately. i just think they look so fun & add a little pizazz to an ordinary outfit. so i took the plunge and bought two, very bright & bold lipsticks at the mac counter. i got ladybug red & impassioned hot pink. they're bright, they're fun, & i'm getting used to them. 
after my errands i treated myself to my favorite greek food restaurant & headed back to provo where i was greeted with a friends wedding invitation & a much anticipated etsy purchase. i came across the easy shop leyla cemal on a girls pinterest that i know & fell in love with the triangular shaped jewelry! i loved it & had to have one of the necklaces. i was so excited for it's arrival & it did not disappoint in the slightest & i was so excited to wear my new necklace to school today!
(triangle necklace & impassioned lipstick)
today was still gray & cloudy, but i loved it & took full advantage 
by wearing my rain boots & going on a drive through the canyon with austin. 
it was really nice just to drive with no destination, listening to good music, talking & 
looking at the trees & mountains. i love the way they look in the rain. 
after our drive a much needed nap took place (finals make me really tired) before we went to thursday dinner group. this was a special dinner group because ashley's mom is in town for ashley's baby shower that i'm giving her on saturday, so she kindly treated us all to dinner at the spaghetti factory. it was a lot of fun & really good. i'd never been there before, so it was fun trying somewhere new! 


  1. your lipstick looks goood. and leyla cemal really does have cute stuff!

  2. love to see you! those are the best days and the lips are gorgeous..you my dear can pull anything off.