blogger to blogger

alright bloggers.
yes, i have had my blog for a few years.
but i've never really taken to it or been very good at posting
until maybe a month ago, so i'm still learning
& i have a question for you!
how does one reply to comments!?
i don't have this option/feature when i look at comments people write
& i feel so rude leaving them all without any response! 
i so badly want to respond, answering questions & thanking you for even caring,
but i can't figure out how!
please help!


  1. i just comment again on the post...don't know if that's right or not...

  2. Hi kerry!

    This may sound weird but I found your blog on Pinterest and love it!I Love your style! Do you ever wear maxi skirts or dresses? Do you know of any places that may have cute ones??

  3. i'm going with jo's way of commenting back, Jessica, i do wear them & i'll work on a post for you on where to get some/wear them!