bridal shower

yesterday my amazing friends ashley & shayla 
gave me my second shower
..a lingerie only shower..
i& they did such a cute job with it all! 
i was so excited when i saw everything & all the work they put into it. 
ashley & shayla decorated with a ribbon banner, around the food table
where they had croissant sandwiches,  
brownies & cookies, vegetables
fruit, chips, homemade meringues by shayla's mom & 
matching tulips 
to bring it all together. 
they also had a line of undies hung up on display
for me to win in one of the games. it was so much fun, i loved it. 
i'm so thankful for them & everyone 
who was able to make it & missed those who couldn't!  


  1. looks darling and looks like you all had fun...cute dress you have on...

  2. You were all so cute.. Although that red striped dres sreally caught my eye! Gorgeous!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  3. Oh, congratulations!! Looks Ike a beautiful day of celebrating :)