1 month

1 month from today, we're going to be mr & mrs.
& i could not be more excited for the day to come.
our engagement has gone by so fast,
after 3 months of wedding planning,
gift registering, apartment hunting, cake tasting,
photograph taking & picking, color choosing,
& about a billion other things, it's finally all going to happen.
i'm the luckiest girl to be able to spend the rest of eternity with him.
austin is the smartest boy i have ever met, the one that can make me laugh the most,
who i feel 100% myself around, the most handsome... i could keep going.
i think this last month will be the hardest month of our engagement
because i'll be in california for the month, while he's in utah.
it's only been 5 days & it already feels like it has been longer.
i have high hopes of keeping myself as busy as possible during the month
to make it fly by.

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  1. love this post and so happy for you guys!! this month will go by fast and you'll be married in no time. so excited for you!!