the best exotic marigold hotel

the other night my mom & i went to the local independent theater 
& saw the best exotic marigold hotel. the movie is about 7 older people from england, 
who all decide for one reason or another, to go & live in a retirement home 
called the best exotic marigold hotel. 
the hotel is in india & not at all what it was advertised to be. 
some of the guests hate it & others fall in love with the hotel, 
the culture & their new life. it was a really fun, good movie. 
both my mom & i loved it. 
the movie really made my urge to go to india a lot stronger. 
india looks like a completely different world & everything is so foreign to me. 
even while watching the movie i couldn't help but think how crazy it all looks. 
i think it would be so fun to go & stay there for a few months 
to really learn about the culture & their way of life. 
hopefully austin & i will be able to do that one day!
& hopefully it'll be before we need to be 
in a retirement home!

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