i'm like a bird

yesterday shannon & i  went to venice for a small, private viewing of nelly furtado. it was cool to be in such a small group of people & have her singing to us. she sang songs off of her new album, her first top hit that i was obsessed with: i'm like a bird, & songs off the album loose. the songs off loose instantly brought me back to senior year of high school. it was so weird & kind of funny to think of what triggers old memories to come rushing back. apparently nelly furtado songs were big my senior year! 
afterwards, we drove back home from venice on the coast. it was a beautiful day, so i made shannon drive up to a secret spot that a couple of my friends & i used to go to all the time in high school.  it's an empty lot on top of a hill that has the best view of the beach, malibu & pch. i love it up there. i used to go all the time by myself & sit up there to think or read. it's the best spot for that because there are rarely other people up there. there's something about the ocean that makes me think like crazy. i think about the new, what the future holds for me & my fiends & family. i think about the past, what has happened & what could have been. it gives me such a never ending feeling of freedom. i love it. just knowing that i'm at the end of california, or wherever i am, blows my mind. i love being able to reach the end of land. i always have. it gives me a sense of calmness that i can't achieve anywhere else because no where else is as open. i feel like there are endless possibilities whenever i'm at the beach. it makes me remember how small i am in the grand scheme of things. my mind can just run wild when i'm at the beach, & most of the time thats where i have my best thinking.  it's funny how little things can trigger old feelings & memories, it's crazy to think how much has changed in my life that i never expected! it was so beautiful yesterday that we needed to take a few pictures & i really love them. it was a bit breezy, but we worked with it & had fun.

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