our little nest: the kitchen

our kitchen is more of a hall way. it's pretty tiny, but we have been able to find a way to fit it all in. i will admit we are trying to be simplistic, but we still have a lot. to make it look more open, we took the cupboards off of the shelves so there wouldn't be so much bulk in our kitchen. we don't have a lot of shelving, as you can tell, so we have had to improvise a bit. 
 like we did in the bathroom, we got these little racks that help to 
give us extra space for all of our cups.
it's been really helpful too, otherwise we wouldn't be able to fit all of our cups in one section, 
making us loose a whole other shelf.
the next extremely helpful bit is our ikea cupboard. 
it's not too big, but it fits everything perfectly. it gives us an extra counter top, 
& the inside houses our flour, sugar, rice, crock pot, baking pans, mixers, cutting boards... basically everything that we don't want to have on display. 
plus, it gave us a spot to keep our toaster & knives, otherwise, there would be no spot of them!
our sinks & counters are small. slightly limited. without our ikea cupboard top... 
we would have no where to place things. & since our space is limited, it's necessary to keep it as clutter-less & clean as possible. besides our soap, scrubber & dish drying rack, we try hard not to keep anything out. it was difficult in the beginning, because with sponges, soap, & dish scrubbers, it's hard to keep the clutter away. so we looked for getting a sponge holder where we can keep all of those little things out of the way.

we keep this on the inside of our cupboard under the sink, so that it is out of the way & not seen, which keeps it a lot cleaner looking. plus, it's helpful because our dish scrubber kept leaking soap, & now it doesn't since it stands vertically.

besides our sink & ikea cupboard, this wooden table is our only other counter space. it's what we use to prepare most of our meals & where we store our mixer, a record shaped cutting board & pitcher full of whisks, spatulas & spoons. we didn't have much space left for pots & pans, so we found a metal rack for us to hang the pots & pans & to keep them out of the way. 
instead of an actual pantry, we have a really good sized book shelf that we use. it was here when we moved in & offers us plenty of space. though it gives us a lot of space, the shelves aren't very tall, so unfortunately we can't store appliances in it. we can't even seem to fill 3 shelves completely, it's really long. so we use the shelf for food, office supplies & random storage, so we don't have things out all of the time. the shelf started to look pretty cluttered though, so we added a curtain to it so that people wouldn't see the mess that's inside & i like to think it makes it look nicer!

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