you know how you get into deep-cleaning mode? and after you just feel so fresh & clean? we had the opposite happen earlier this week. 
this is how it all went down: austin & i got into a mega deep-cleaning mode. it was great. we scrubbed & scrubbed & scrubbed every inch of our bathroom & kitchen. i worked hard in the bathroom scrubbing every corner of the bathtub, the countertop, the mirror & the floor. i got rid of a lot of random things that had just been taking space up, & made sure everything was sparkling clean. & i was feeling pretty accomplished about myself. 
while i worked in the bathroom, austin worked on the floor in the kitchen. we've got this black & white checked floor & at first glance, it looked alright. but one day something spilled, we wiped it up & low & behold we had a sparkly white underneath. so we set out to scrubbing it all clean. it looked beautiful, we were both so excited. & thats when it started. we started noticing these little bugs on the floor & we got interested in these guys. we had no idea what they were, neither of us had seen them before so we took a picture to show to nick (our handy pest control friend) & to look up online. turns out we have been sharing our apartment with carpet beetles. 
these little buggers are quite the little bug & i wouldn't mind them so much if they hadn't been eating away at my clothes. yep thats right. they feed majorly off of: wool, silk, leather, fur, hair brushes, feathers & sometimes even spices & grains. which basically means everything. so, we quickly shook out all of our clothes as much as possible & have taken every piece of cloth to austin's parents house where we have been washing probably 50+ bags of laundry. we've been here since tuesday washing clothes & we're still going strong. not to mention the 5 or 6 bags of laundry that have been taken to the dry cleaners. 
we've searched our house, we've cleaned our house, & we have drenched our house in bug bombs. it might be doing the trick, but we aren't 100% positive. luckily, we get to leave the bug infestation & go to mexico tomorrow for a week, which will be perfect. & while we're gone nick is graciously going to spray our house for all these little beetles & when we get back, if they're not all gone, we're most likely going to move.
thats how bad it is. these beetles apparently, don't usually go away in the first try of killing them. i guess people say it takes normally around 6 months to be 100% sure that they're gone. our landlord has really heard it from us. to put it plainly, we are less than impressed. but on the upside of things, all of our clothes are now squeaky clean & all of our blankets, towels & just about everything else that can be washed in our house. so that's nice.

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