& we're moving

austin & i decided to end our contract at the truman 
yep. so for about 4 days, we were homeless. 
luckily for us, our homelessness came at the perfect timing as our family vacation to mexico.
so not everything was taking a downward spiral.
anyways, so we were homeless & looking for a new home.
2 places in 3 months, impressive huh? 
well lo & behold we found one!
& are now happy renters of a cute 2 bedroom home.
we even have washer dryer hookups! horray! 
it's a few blocks south of where we were, & i think it's a bit bigger.
a whole 300 sq. ft. bigger, so now more nest posts.
(but the first two were nice, weren't they?)
i must admit, i was pretty upset when i came to the realization that we would most likely need to move.
i mean, we could have stayed at the truman, but....i'd rather not risk all of our clothes being eaten. so it seemed like the smartest decision to move.
but now that the idea of moving has settled in on me & we got the new house, i'm pretty excited.
i love reorganizing all our gear & moving things around, trying to see how it fits best
& i love redecorating. plus, we get a second bedroom which is perfect.
move in date: august 27. 

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