1. our mini pumpkins! 
2. austy climbing at the quarry
3. emerson quote
4. the leaves are  changing to fall
5. throwback thursday family photo
6. me & austy being in love
7. more trees changing color
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fall is here & i couldn't be more excited.
i'm ready for the weather to cool down & to be able
to dress in cozy outfits, cuddle up in blanket
& drink hot chocolate.
maybe even have a fire or two. 
i'm ready for the seasons.

the boxer

yesterday i got the new mumford & sons album & i love it just as i did their first. they did a cover of simon & garfunkel's song the boxer & it's sooo good, so i wanted to share!

anna karenina

"soemtiems she did not know what she feared, what she desired: whether she deared or desired what had been or what would be, and precisely what she desired, she did not know."
-leo tolstoy, anna karenina
i recently started reading tolstoy's anna karenina & every since starting it, its been hard for me to put it down. i've loved every second of reading the story. it's amazing & it makes me wonder why i never read it before. it's one of the most tragically, beautiful love stories i have ever read & i'm only 200 pages into the near 800 page book... there's still a lot for me to find out but i can tell it's going to be one of my absolute favorites, if not my very favorite book. it really just draws me in.
i decided i had better read it now once i heard they were making a movie about it. i don't like to see a movie & then read the book, so i decided to stop putting it off & to dive in & have fallen in love with this book. i cannot wait for the movie now. i hope it doesn't let me down, i'll be sooo disappointed.


1. sunset on lake mead
2. ropes on ropes on ropes at the city
3. one of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon
4. handsome baby johnny

our house in the middle of the street

the hallway in our house came with an adorable, built-in hutch. when we moved in, the hutch was a blank canvas: completely white... like the rest of the house. & since i couldn't come up with what to put in the hutch quite yet, i decided we had to paint it in the meantime. giving me more time to figure out what would go in it & because it's the first thing you really see when you walk through the door. it is straight behind the entrance & the white was incredibly boring. plus, you lost whatever cute details there were (like the top trim). i think austin was a bit hesitant on the whole idea of painting only the back wall of the hutch, & then probably even more hesitant when i presented him with the color of choice. but after painting the first section, he decided we had made a great choice & i have to agree.
the shelves on the right are now the home to some of our china, my favorite picture from our wedding, our invitation photo & bicycle clock, cook books, a teacup painting & our collection of glass knick-knacks/jars & a globe. they filled it out perfectly & aren't too overwhelming which i was kind of worried about. 
the left hand side was  a little more difficult to fill... but austin got it covered.he supplied the space with  his skateboards, my one hunter boot he had in his car & his fishing poles. it's not the traditional decor for a hutch, but i must admit i kind of really like them there. plus, it keeps the skateboards out of the way! the space where they are is just kind of a weird shape/size... i mean, i don't have anything tall enough to fill it... so i like that they fill the space & don't look cluttered. 

black on black on black

i love black. i feel the most comfortable in black. i feel the cutest in black. i gravitate to black. black is my go-to color to wear. & i am especially fond on black on black outfits. they always look clean, sleek, well put together, effortless & they are dramatic without even trying to be. i love it. 
while black on black is a wonderful combination, i'm also a fan of black with whites/creams. it just looks so nice without even trying to. there's something about it that constantly grabs my attention. my favorite stable outfirt for fall & winter are black pants/leggings with either a loose white shirt, boots & my leather jacket, or with just a cream sweater. it's pretty simple, but i love it. you can wear all black to any even/occasion & be perfectly dressed. seriously, i swear by that.  


the city

saturday afternoon austin, nick & shayla, nicole & i drove up to city of rocks, idaho. we only stayed one night but it was soo much fun & worth it. city of rocks is only 3 hours away from where we are & has tons of awesome climbing. it was awesome as we drove in, all of a sudden being surrounded by thousands of gigantic rocks & boulders, i think we were all kind of in awe that we hadn't gone too far, but we were somewhere so completely different. 

we got there around 4pm, quickly set up camp & headed out to our first climb. austin was dubbed as our guide seeing as he grew up going climbing in the city all the time. he knew all the routes that were right up our alley (unfortunately for austin & nicole, nick, shayla & i are not quiteee as good as they are so we require easier routes). we started off by doing a climb on elephant rock. austin lead the way & i went next. there were a few times where i was pretty nervous...i even was nervous before starting the actual climb, when i had to shimmy in-between a rock & the wall i was going to climb, & then stand at the top & start climbing up the crack. so i actually started about 20 ft. off the ground. once i started climbing it wasn't too bad, but there were a few times where i was scared & kind of, sort of yelled at austin out of frustration. once i made it to the top though, i was so happy to have finished the climb. it was really fun & challenging for me, which i love. after i climbed, we realized we wouldn't all get a chance because i had taken too long & we were short on light, so nicole cruised up the climb (seriously, she incredibly fast) & cleaned it so that we could walk off & head out for some dinner. 

the next day we woke up, had egg burritos & headed on our way for some more climbing. we went to gallstone rock where we did two more really fun climbs & we all got to climb. the first climb was a really fun crack climb. my only experience climbing crack has been at the quarry & i fell in love with climbing it outside. it is so much fun. the second climb had a few slab moves & overall was a really fun climb. after spending a few hours at gallstone rock, we headed to morning glory spire where we made lunch & had our last climb. the climb austin did was a really exposed climb, & it started on a ledge that was pretty high up already, so when it came to my turn, i attempted & it started to get too windy for my liking so i came back down. i wasn't too into the wind & extra high height factors, but it started off really fun so i'm excited to go back & give it another go. 


top to bottom:
1. one of the most perfect quotes, from the velveteen rabbit
2. i got baaaangs again! (first time cut by a professional & i like it)
3. flowers the hubs got me sitting pretty on our mantel
4. polka dots for a baby shower
(boring pictures this week, sorry!)
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so let us begin: our house in the middle of the street

austin & i are finally, completely, fully moved in. & it is suuuuch a relief. i also am kiind of in love with our new house. it's pretty cute, if i do say so myself. we do have a few little things to finish up, like a kitchen table, rug, side table... but besides these minuscule details, it's d.o.n.e! hooray! so let us begin in the house tour. 
first up: the family room
when we moved in all of the walls were stark white. we have 1 & 1/2 walls with wainscoting, so we decided to bring those walls out by painting the other 2&1/2 walls gray. the gray & white combo really gave the room a clean look & brings out the details of the windows, fireplace & wainscoting. i could not be happier with the color choice! *picture of what it looked like before being painted
keeping this wall white gave us a blank slate. most of our family room furniture is white (side tables, bookshelf), so the photo wall & colorful books brings a perfect amount of color to the room without being completely overbearing. 
i'm a big fan of intertwining books with knick-knacks, i like that it adds character & shows your interests even more. plus, it takes up less space other places. 
with the picture frames on the other wall, it allowed us to keep this wall plain & simple giving it a really clean look. it it's not too distracting, but not too boring either. the coat rack came with the house & has truly been so great to have. i'm one of those people that loses everything, no matter what size, as soon as it leaves my fingers, so i just hang everything here & i can always find it! 
& drawing attention to the mirror on the wall, i just want you all to know how much i love it. it was a birthday gift from austin & is one of my favorite things.
we keep the top of this bookshelf pretty empty. we have our lamp, record player, a picture, & this bowl my mom gave us which we use for keys & anything else we are likely to lose quickly. 
& that's the family room!

reel rock tour

last night austin & i went to the reel rock tour. this was my second year going & it was pretty cool. reel rock shows footage of some of the most intense climbers & what they've been working on for the past year. it's crazy seeing all of the super gnarly things these climbers do. honestly, some of the situations they put themselves in are pretttttty stupid, but it's amazing seeing what they are capable of doing. & it really makes you feel less intense. these guys are pretty tough!

after the movie, we came back for some vegan roasted butternut squash soup (by no means are we vegan) that austin had spent the afternoon making for us. this recipe is from steph davis, blog, who's pretty well known in the climbing world. we ate it with our friend jo & we continued watching rock climbing videos on youtube. so it was really all just a rock climbing evening.
*if you want a pretty short & funny climbing video, look at this one 

dinner group & pan roasted chicken with lemon

tonight was the first night austin & i hosted dinner group!
we have cooked for dinner group in the past, but tonights was the first
at our house using our cute kitchen supplies & being actual hosts.
in the past, we always cooked at either shayla's or ashley's, so it was nice!
i loved it! we made a recipe that i found on pinterest for
pan-roasted chicken with lemon
& it was delicious
& here's what ya need:
6 T olive oil
2 lemons, 1 thinly sliced & 1 juiced
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 t salt
1/2 t ground black pepper
3/4 pound trimmed green beans (or however you want)
8 red potatoes, quartered
4 chicken breasts 
& here's what ya do!
1. preheat oven to 450, coat baking dish with 1T of olive oil. arrange the lemon slices in a single layer in the bottom of the dish
2. in a large bowl combine remaining oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt & pepper. add the green beans & toss to coat. remove green beans & arrange on top of the lemon slices. add the potatoes to the same olive-oil mix & toss to coat. arrange potatoes along the inside edge of the dish on top of te green beans. place the chicken in the same bowl with the olive-oil mixture & coat thoroughly. place the chicken in the dish & pour any remaining olive- oil mixture over the chicken 
3. roast for 50 minutes & then remove chicken from the dish. place beans & potatoes back in oven for 10 more minutes, or until potatoes are tender. once tender, remove & serve!

i want to say it sounds more time consuming & possibly difficult than it is.... 
but truth be told, my wonderful hubs made it while i washed dishes & talked on the phone...
so i really don't know. all i do know is that it was completely delicious! 


austin & i both love to rock climb
buuuut we haven't been climbing as much as we would like.
so this past week we decided to start climbing more.
to start challenging ourselves & get back to where we were
& push ourselves further. 
we've gone to the quarry twice & outside once since making this decision
& are going outside tomorrow.
we went up little cottonwood to a couple of climbs with our friends jp & alex.
it was so much fun, but i did get pretty nervous. sometimes climbing outside just kind of scares me.
so we're trying & climb outside a lot so i get comfortable.
another big reason for our desire to get into climbing shape
is we are planning/hoping/wanting to go to thailand this coming june with some friends!
our friend nicole came up with the idea & austin & i couldn't say no! 
it will be so much fun & they have really, really awesome climbs there, so obviously we need to be in good shape for the trip! we're planning/hoping/wanting to go for the entire month of june.  


while moving into our new house, i've gone through my closet & have found a lot of clothes that i never wear! if you know me, then you know that it's hard for me to let go of my clothes... even if i never wear them. i still just love them. but i'm doing it & have posted clothes on my new closet sale blog! checkkk it out & e-mail (or text if you have my #) me if you're interested in anything! 

top to bottom:
1. my favorite snack from trader joe's : chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels 
2. one of my purchasing addictions: socks
3. craft time in 3d art class 
4. the beginnings of redoing our house
5. grilled peaches at group dinner night (they were delicious)
6. one of my favorite wall hangings
7. a happy austin with his farmers market corn & lemon basil
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