while moving into our new house, i've gone through my closet & have found a lot of clothes that i never wear! if you know me, then you know that it's hard for me to let go of my clothes... even if i never wear them. i still just love them. but i'm doing it & have posted clothes on my new closet sale blog! checkkk it out & e-mail (or text if you have my #) me if you're interested in anything! 

top to bottom:
1. my favorite snack from trader joe's : chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels 
2. one of my purchasing addictions: socks
3. craft time in 3d art class 
4. the beginnings of redoing our house
5. grilled peaches at group dinner night (they were delicious)
6. one of my favorite wall hangings
7. a happy austin with his farmers market corn & lemon basil
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