reel rock tour

last night austin & i went to the reel rock tour. this was my second year going & it was pretty cool. reel rock shows footage of some of the most intense climbers & what they've been working on for the past year. it's crazy seeing all of the super gnarly things these climbers do. honestly, some of the situations they put themselves in are pretttttty stupid, but it's amazing seeing what they are capable of doing. & it really makes you feel less intense. these guys are pretty tough!

after the movie, we came back for some vegan roasted butternut squash soup (by no means are we vegan) that austin had spent the afternoon making for us. this recipe is from steph davis, blog, who's pretty well known in the climbing world. we ate it with our friend jo & we continued watching rock climbing videos on youtube. so it was really all just a rock climbing evening.
*if you want a pretty short & funny climbing video, look at this one 

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