so let us begin: our house in the middle of the street

austin & i are finally, completely, fully moved in. & it is suuuuch a relief. i also am kiind of in love with our new house. it's pretty cute, if i do say so myself. we do have a few little things to finish up, like a kitchen table, rug, side table... but besides these minuscule details, it's d.o.n.e! hooray! so let us begin in the house tour. 
first up: the family room
when we moved in all of the walls were stark white. we have 1 & 1/2 walls with wainscoting, so we decided to bring those walls out by painting the other 2&1/2 walls gray. the gray & white combo really gave the room a clean look & brings out the details of the windows, fireplace & wainscoting. i could not be happier with the color choice! *picture of what it looked like before being painted
keeping this wall white gave us a blank slate. most of our family room furniture is white (side tables, bookshelf), so the photo wall & colorful books brings a perfect amount of color to the room without being completely overbearing. 
i'm a big fan of intertwining books with knick-knacks, i like that it adds character & shows your interests even more. plus, it takes up less space other places. 
with the picture frames on the other wall, it allowed us to keep this wall plain & simple giving it a really clean look. it it's not too distracting, but not too boring either. the coat rack came with the house & has truly been so great to have. i'm one of those people that loses everything, no matter what size, as soon as it leaves my fingers, so i just hang everything here & i can always find it! 
& drawing attention to the mirror on the wall, i just want you all to know how much i love it. it was a birthday gift from austin & is one of my favorite things.
we keep the top of this bookshelf pretty empty. we have our lamp, record player, a picture, & this bowl my mom gave us which we use for keys & anything else we are likely to lose quickly. 
& that's the family room!


  1. obsesssed with this. i can only hope that my future apartment turns out half as cute as yours.