the city

saturday afternoon austin, nick & shayla, nicole & i drove up to city of rocks, idaho. we only stayed one night but it was soo much fun & worth it. city of rocks is only 3 hours away from where we are & has tons of awesome climbing. it was awesome as we drove in, all of a sudden being surrounded by thousands of gigantic rocks & boulders, i think we were all kind of in awe that we hadn't gone too far, but we were somewhere so completely different. 

we got there around 4pm, quickly set up camp & headed out to our first climb. austin was dubbed as our guide seeing as he grew up going climbing in the city all the time. he knew all the routes that were right up our alley (unfortunately for austin & nicole, nick, shayla & i are not quiteee as good as they are so we require easier routes). we started off by doing a climb on elephant rock. austin lead the way & i went next. there were a few times where i was pretty nervous...i even was nervous before starting the actual climb, when i had to shimmy in-between a rock & the wall i was going to climb, & then stand at the top & start climbing up the crack. so i actually started about 20 ft. off the ground. once i started climbing it wasn't too bad, but there were a few times where i was scared & kind of, sort of yelled at austin out of frustration. once i made it to the top though, i was so happy to have finished the climb. it was really fun & challenging for me, which i love. after i climbed, we realized we wouldn't all get a chance because i had taken too long & we were short on light, so nicole cruised up the climb (seriously, she incredibly fast) & cleaned it so that we could walk off & head out for some dinner. 

the next day we woke up, had egg burritos & headed on our way for some more climbing. we went to gallstone rock where we did two more really fun climbs & we all got to climb. the first climb was a really fun crack climb. my only experience climbing crack has been at the quarry & i fell in love with climbing it outside. it is so much fun. the second climb had a few slab moves & overall was a really fun climb. after spending a few hours at gallstone rock, we headed to morning glory spire where we made lunch & had our last climb. the climb austin did was a really exposed climb, & it started on a ledge that was pretty high up already, so when it came to my turn, i attempted & it started to get too windy for my liking so i came back down. i wasn't too into the wind & extra high height factors, but it started off really fun so i'm excited to go back & give it another go. 


  1. so much fun!! love all the pictures!!

  2. Kerry! Love your blog!

    Are you pictures taken with an iPhone? Or a real camera? They look so good!