happy halloween!

today i woke up & realized we had no halloween plans. this was sad realization to me. so i decided that we had better dress up & go out to dinner. really, i just wanted to dress up. after discussing with ashley & shayla, we decided that we would spend our spooky evening dinner at none other than olive garden. 
once the decision was settled, austin was a sweetheart & made us pancakes for breakfast. we then lazed around this morning which was lovely. he tied flies, i played with lucy, he went to work, i cleaned up, & then got ready for the evening. 
we went, we ate, & then we got ice-cream. it was a pretty low-key halloween, but i liked it. especially dressing up. i've got a thing for face paint. after our halloween festivities austin & i went home so he could finish some homework (sadly we have school tomorrow) while i watched the house on haunted hill
it's a black & white horror movie from the 1950's. i love older horror movies because they're slightly creepy & suspenseful instead of just terrifying.. anyways, hope your halloweens were as fun!

the gang
 the lumberjack & the cat
 spooky ghost family
 the mimes, trapped in a box, obviously
me with baby ghost johnny, & the kiss i gave him

pumpkin bread

at the wedding shower my family threw me, i got a lot of extremely good recipes. one of which i'm sharing with you today! my cousin heidi gave me a recipe book with all of her favorites & tonight i tried her chocolate chip pumpkin bread. it is soo delicious, i love it. & it made our house smell heavenly & fall-ish, which is an added benefit. the recipe makes ALOT. i got 2 full loaves of bread & 10 really good sized muffins. all you gotta do is.... 
wet mix:
5 eggs, well-beaten
1 large can pumpkin (2 1/2 C.)
3 1/2 C. sugar
2 C. mazola oil / or (what i did) 1 C. oil & 1 C. applesauce

dry mix:
4 1/2 C. flour
1 1/2 t. salt
1 1/2 t. soda
1 t. gigner
4 1/2 t. cinnamon
1 1/2 t. nugmeg
1 1/2 t. cloves

heat oven to 350 degrees
cream wet ingredients together & add in dry ingredients.
mix well.
add 1 1/4 C. milk chocolate chips.
fill bread pans 1/3 up (it puffs up a lot), or about 6-8 big spoonfuls. 
bake for 45-1 hour.
if you are making muffins, pour muffin tins about 1/3 full
bake for 20 minutes.

meet Lucy

yesterday i woke up to a text from my friend, jocelyn, saying she had a kitten that needed a home. i was so excited at the thought of having a little kitten! i love them. austin & i had talked about getting a pet. we both like the idea of a dog, but it's a little out of the question. i don't think our landlord would fully approve of a dog. so when we heard about this little fur ball we talked about the pros & cons & obviously, we had more pros. & here we are the proud owners of this tiny little ball of fur. she is seriously adorable. white with black spots, a spot on her belly, & FULL of energy. she's always pouncing away at everything (including the dots on our duvet cover... so we had to switch it out last night so that we could fall asleep without her attacking) she's pretty cute. & i like hearing the little chime of her bell around the house, it reminds me of when gracie was a kitten & i could hear her running all around our house. lucy loves to cuddle though, & i couldn't be happier about it.

halloween half

yesterday was the halloween 1/2 marathon! it went from sundance resort down to the riverwoods mall. i     think this was probably the hardest race i've ever done. it was so incredibly cold, m bones were completely frozen & stiff. we waited outside for well over an hour in the low 20 degree weather to go on the shuttle that would take us to the race start...where we would then wait another hour. but at least at that point we got to wait in a tent! shayla, brittany, beth & grace also all ran the race too, so it was fun having them all there! the first 4 miles went great & easy, but it was after those that it was semi downhill for me! beth, brittany & i decided to give ourselves a break & walk a little bit. which turned into the majority of the race. i'm going to blame it on the cold. but maybe i'm really just lazy haha. either way, i did have fun with the girls & now that the race is over, i'm happy i did it. all though i really don't think i'll sign up for another one any time soon! all of the girls did so well too, & it was fun having friends there to watch us cross the finish line! 
after the race austin, ashley, brittany & i went to dennys to re-fuel. i was completely starving & it was exactly what i needed! after denny's austin went fishing & ashley, brittany & i went to see pitch perfect. it was a pretty funny, pretty cheesy movie. but i liked it! 
beth, grace, brittany, shayla & i!


1. all of our count chocoula  (austy's favorite)
2. nap & book time
3. i glittered a pumpkin
4. after the halloween 1/2

over the weekend

over the weekend we went to city of rocks for the last time before winter really hits. we only stayed one night, but we got a lot of fun climbs in. we headed up with our friends curtis & nicole, & met up with friends of theres that were coming up from logan. it was an awesome group of people & so much fun. 
we got up there friday afternoon, setup camp & headed off to get a few climbs in before it got too dark or too cold, whichever came first. camping with austin has been a lot of fun. i don't think i've gone camping as much in my life as i have since i've known him & i'm pretty into it. we always have a lot of fun, go somewhere that's awesome & eat like champs. friday night we made basil, pesto, lime penne & it was delicious. we all loved it. & we followed it by a s'more... or 4 if you're me. i love s'mores.
we went to sleep by 9, which was awesome & what was even better is none of us woke up till 10! so much sleep! it was great! we woke up & made breakfast burritos with eggs, bell peppers, cheese, tortillas & had hot chocolate or tea to go along (see, we eat wonderfully). we then cleaned up camp & headed off for our last day climbing. i didn't do too many climbs cause i was pretty cold & trying to study for a test, but the one that i did do was a lot of fun. it was basically a crack climb the entire way up. it sounds harder than it is, really. it was such a fun climb. it made me pretty sad that it was the last trip, but happy not to go back to the freezing cold. when you weren't climbing it was unbelievably cold, but it was pretty perfect if you were climbing, so that was nice! 
after the day of climbing we went & got some local pizza & headed home to sleep it all off. hooorray for another successful trip!
curtis, nicole & austin making our breakfast
nicole & kylie
nicole & austin
tiny speck on the left: austin, tine speck on the right: me
nicole & curtis sound asleep the next morning

silly symphony

this video is in honor of the spooky season. i'm a pretty big fan of everything disney (if you didn't know), so i especially like the dancing skeletons. i've been a little in & out in the blogosphere, life gets strangely hectic & surprising in the dullest moments. this past weekend austin & i went out to city of rocks again for one last climbing trip before it's completely unbearable (it was pretttttty cold) & have both been busy with school. plus, we had a houseguest last week which was fun. after this week i'm hoping things will start to settle down. saturday is the big halloween 1/2 marathon i signed up for... we'll see how that goes. i'm not reallly looking forward to it because of 2 reasons: 1 being that it will probably be freezing, 2 being that it proves difficult to run & breathe in the high altitude for me. so we'll see how it works out. i'm not too sure what i'm going to dress up, most likely my favorite costume: a skeleton. it's the best costume. anyways, here's to halloween!


1. austy cuddling up with gracie while we were in california
2. group photo from when we were in city of rocks a few weeks ago
3. stormy provo weather
4. me & the big sis way back when 
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shake it like a polaroid picture

i went through a long, strong phase of capturing everything with a polaroid camera. truth be told, i'm 100% positive i'd still be in this phase if it weren't for the lack of polaroid film & extreme price jump.. there is something i have just always loved about polaroids. i feel like they alway look good, no matter what, & there are no necessary touch ups. the film kind of gives everything a soft look. today i was just looking through all my pictures & saw all of my polaroids that i so nicely scanned to my computer & thought that i should share some of my favorites. i can still vividly remember taking all of my polaroid pictures, where we were, what was going on, when it was... i think its because i didn't just snap away like you can with a digital but i actually thought about it first. my friends & i would take turns naming them, & we would try to write it down before we saw the picture develop because to us it was pretty entertaining... but we never really came up with that original of names, so i don't know why we liked to do it so much. but we did, so we did it. i love looking back at them now. most of them are about 4 or 5 years old, but it doesn't feel like it was that long ago! so strange. anyways, enjoy some of my favorite  polaroids

fall break '12

last week austin & i made an impulse decision to go to california for our fall break. we quickly went home after school, packed, got our tickets & headed off to the airport. we left our fall-ish weather for the heat, sunshine & a tiny bit of rain. it was great. i loved it. we didn't do a whole lot, but we stayed fairly busy & got to relax. 
our week consisted of a lot of eating, going to disneyland, driving up & down the coast, watching the vampire diaries season permier , going to lunch, seeing the perks of being a wall flower & argo, being with friends & family, eating donuts, reading & relaxing. i thoroughly enjoyed it. i wish we could have more fall breaks... 

monday, monday

yesterday was a pretty good day. we woke up & austin went off to work while i went out for a run. i came home, showered & made myself waffles to eat while i watched once upon a time & revenge from the previous night. the waffles were delicious. seriously, i make them probably 2 days a week. our friend nicole passed the recipe our way & every since i've been obsessed. they're super easy to make, healthy for you & so good. 
all you need is:
1/2 oats
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup egg whites
& you got your self about 2 waffles, or a few mini pancakes. they're amazing.
after i finished my shows, i had every intention to do a deep cleaning in our house. i really did. but then my friend danielle texted me to hangout, & i thought "sureee, i can just clean after" so she came over around 1 & this is how the day went from there:
>>>danielle comes over around 1 >>>mikayla & melinda come over around 1:30
mikayla leaves around 2:30 >>>traci comes over around 3 
>>>danielle, melinda, traci & i go to kneaders for lunch around 3:15
>>>we eat lunch & the girls decide the need to see baby johnny
>>> 4:00 we get home >>>johnny & ashley come over around 4:15 
>>>mikayla comes back around 4:30 >>>we all sit around talking >>> traci leaves around 6
>>>danielle, mikayla & melinda leave around 6:30 
>>>ashley invites me for dinner since austin isn't home & leaves at 7
>>> i finish revenge & austin comes home at 7:30 >>>we go to ashley & jakes for dinner at 7:45
we go climbing at 9 >>>stay for yoga at 10 >>>get home at 11:15
.... obviously the cleaning did not get done. & i get to look forward to doing so today. 
but it's ok cause sometimes it's necessary to sit around doing a whole lot of nothing & talk to your friends that you haven't seen & catch up. right? right. that's what i tell myself at least. 


1. my new iphone finally arrived!
2. mushroom i made out of clay for class
3. austy boy making us dinner
4. me & landon circa preschool days at the pumpkin patch
5. skeleton painting greeting me for the day
6. picked my pumpkin at the pumpkin patch!
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our kitchen

the biggest change from moving is the kitchen. we actually have space. so much space that we don't have enough to fill it (i'm pretty sure at least half those drawers are empty..)! it's awesome though. we have space to actually cool & move around. plus, we can fit more than 2 people in it without being completely squished. another definite plus is that we now have a washer & dryer which has been aaaaamazing. 
we haven't changed anything in the kitchen since we moved in. we're considering painting the cupboards from the robins egg blue to black, because we're picky & the blue brings out blue in the tile... but we'll see if we actually do it. i think we're a little over painting at the moment! fun fact: austins brother morgan & his wife kristi actually lived in this house a few years before us, & are the ones that painted the kitchen & gave us the chalkboard cupboard, which we are pretty excited to have. 
anyways... we're hoping to get a kitchen table at somepoint in the near future, so we have something we can actually eat around. but it's a little hard cause we don't have that match space between the washer & dryer, but we're on the hunt. 


the leaves & temperature are changing & i'm loving it. a few little updates from our life the past few weeks:
>>> we went to lake mead with austins family & it was so much fun.
i learned how to wakeboard for the first time, we camped along the beach & saw the hoover dam!
>>> my mom & sister came for her big full marathon down big cottonwood canyon.
sadly i didn't get to see her, but we did get to spend monday with the girls: 
my mom, whit & little wren, taryn & her little boy julian
>>> austin & i had a date night & went to see snow white & the huntsman
... i kinda really liked it
>>> got to hangout with the whole pollock family
>>> two of my favorite shows finally began again: revenge & once upon a time
1. Billy Bragg- remember the mountain
2. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes- that's what's up
3. Tim Bluhm- the way the story goes
4. Ray LaMontagne- burn
5. Sea Wolf- winter windows
6. Ray LaMontagne- barfly
7. Sufjan Stevens- john wayne gacy, jr.
8. The Tallest Man on Earth- the sparrow and the medicine
9. Blitzen Trapper- furr
10. Billy Bragg- california stars
11. Edward Shapre & the Magnetic Zeroes- janglin
12. Mason Jennings- california part 2
13. The Avett Brothers- ten thousand words
14. Rocky Votolato- montana
15. Blitzen Trapper- black river killer
16. Neutral Milk Hotel- in the aeroplane over the sea
17. Mumford & Sons- i will wait