fall break '12

last week austin & i made an impulse decision to go to california for our fall break. we quickly went home after school, packed, got our tickets & headed off to the airport. we left our fall-ish weather for the heat, sunshine & a tiny bit of rain. it was great. i loved it. we didn't do a whole lot, but we stayed fairly busy & got to relax. 
our week consisted of a lot of eating, going to disneyland, driving up & down the coast, watching the vampire diaries season permier , going to lunch, seeing the perks of being a wall flower & argo, being with friends & family, eating donuts, reading & relaxing. i thoroughly enjoyed it. i wish we could have more fall breaks... 


  1. glad you got to go home for a visit. you look so peaceful. is that still gracie??

  2. it was so much fun to have your surprise visit!