meet Lucy

yesterday i woke up to a text from my friend, jocelyn, saying she had a kitten that needed a home. i was so excited at the thought of having a little kitten! i love them. austin & i had talked about getting a pet. we both like the idea of a dog, but it's a little out of the question. i don't think our landlord would fully approve of a dog. so when we heard about this little fur ball we talked about the pros & cons & obviously, we had more pros. & here we are the proud owners of this tiny little ball of fur. she is seriously adorable. white with black spots, a spot on her belly, & FULL of energy. she's always pouncing away at everything (including the dots on our duvet cover... so we had to switch it out last night so that we could fall asleep without her attacking) she's pretty cute. & i like hearing the little chime of her bell around the house, it reminds me of when gracie was a kitten & i could hear her running all around our house. lucy loves to cuddle though, & i couldn't be happier about it.


  1. She is precious! Love kitties.:)

  2. Awww she is so so cute!! I wanna meet her! Should we schedule a meeting for Lucy and Little Bear?