monday, monday

yesterday was a pretty good day. we woke up & austin went off to work while i went out for a run. i came home, showered & made myself waffles to eat while i watched once upon a time & revenge from the previous night. the waffles were delicious. seriously, i make them probably 2 days a week. our friend nicole passed the recipe our way & every since i've been obsessed. they're super easy to make, healthy for you & so good. 
all you need is:
1/2 oats
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup egg whites
& you got your self about 2 waffles, or a few mini pancakes. they're amazing.
after i finished my shows, i had every intention to do a deep cleaning in our house. i really did. but then my friend danielle texted me to hangout, & i thought "sureee, i can just clean after" so she came over around 1 & this is how the day went from there:
>>>danielle comes over around 1 >>>mikayla & melinda come over around 1:30
mikayla leaves around 2:30 >>>traci comes over around 3 
>>>danielle, melinda, traci & i go to kneaders for lunch around 3:15
>>>we eat lunch & the girls decide the need to see baby johnny
>>> 4:00 we get home >>>johnny & ashley come over around 4:15 
>>>mikayla comes back around 4:30 >>>we all sit around talking >>> traci leaves around 6
>>>danielle, mikayla & melinda leave around 6:30 
>>>ashley invites me for dinner since austin isn't home & leaves at 7
>>> i finish revenge & austin comes home at 7:30 >>>we go to ashley & jakes for dinner at 7:45
we go climbing at 9 >>>stay for yoga at 10 >>>get home at 11:15
.... obviously the cleaning did not get done. & i get to look forward to doing so today. 
but it's ok cause sometimes it's necessary to sit around doing a whole lot of nothing & talk to your friends that you haven't seen & catch up. right? right. that's what i tell myself at least. 


  1. it's exactly what you should be is ALWAYS there to be done...but, you're friends aren"t enjoy them first!