shake it like a polaroid picture

i went through a long, strong phase of capturing everything with a polaroid camera. truth be told, i'm 100% positive i'd still be in this phase if it weren't for the lack of polaroid film & extreme price jump.. there is something i have just always loved about polaroids. i feel like they alway look good, no matter what, & there are no necessary touch ups. the film kind of gives everything a soft look. today i was just looking through all my pictures & saw all of my polaroids that i so nicely scanned to my computer & thought that i should share some of my favorites. i can still vividly remember taking all of my polaroid pictures, where we were, what was going on, when it was... i think its because i didn't just snap away like you can with a digital but i actually thought about it first. my friends & i would take turns naming them, & we would try to write it down before we saw the picture develop because to us it was pretty entertaining... but we never really came up with that original of names, so i don't know why we liked to do it so much. but we did, so we did it. i love looking back at them now. most of them are about 4 or 5 years old, but it doesn't feel like it was that long ago! so strange. anyways, enjoy some of my favorite  polaroids