silly symphony

this video is in honor of the spooky season. i'm a pretty big fan of everything disney (if you didn't know), so i especially like the dancing skeletons. i've been a little in & out in the blogosphere, life gets strangely hectic & surprising in the dullest moments. this past weekend austin & i went out to city of rocks again for one last climbing trip before it's completely unbearable (it was pretttttty cold) & have both been busy with school. plus, we had a houseguest last week which was fun. after this week i'm hoping things will start to settle down. saturday is the big halloween 1/2 marathon i signed up for... we'll see how that goes. i'm not reallly looking forward to it because of 2 reasons: 1 being that it will probably be freezing, 2 being that it proves difficult to run & breathe in the high altitude for me. so we'll see how it works out. i'm not too sure what i'm going to dress up, most likely my favorite costume: a skeleton. it's the best costume. anyways, here's to halloween!

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